Ride The Wave.

Now that the presumptive nominees are in place for November’s election, the hardcore campaigning can really begin. And because it’s 2016, the Clintons and Trumps of the world will be spending ad dollars on some 21st century platforms. For one, the Pandora folks have promised they can really help candidates reach their exact target bases judging exclusively by the songs its users listen to.

Similarly, we’re not wholly unfamiliar with predicting things ourselves. For one, we foresee you’ll be heading out on the town tonight. We’ll even do you one better and say you’re more than likely to end up at one of the following spots. — Cory Graves

Rogue Wave at Dada
Former Sub Pop signee, Rogue Wave finds itself in the Lone Star State tonight, where it’ll surely sing a song about Michigan. Or maybe, since the April release of the new Delusions of Grand Fur album, the band will have some new subject matter to draw from. — Calvin Cashen

Valient Thorr at Three Links
Valient Thorr is pure southern metal in both sound and attitude. See the band with Hammer Fight and Duell as it pushes an ongoing mission to restore rock ‘n’ roll values. — CC

Ian Moore at Granada Theater
Ian Moore’s guitar prowess requires equal attention from the eyes and ears. After emigrating from Seattle, Moore not only cemented his talent but became the recipient of seven Austin Music Awards. All the more impressive are his grade-A credentials, which include opening stints for the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan a handful of backing-band gigs with oddities like Roky Erickson. — CC

Ralphie May at Addison Improv
Ralphie May will serve up all the laughs you can handle this weekend. He’s a big dude, sure, but he’s never let that hold him back. Aside from his Comedy Central specials, May has also appeared on ESPN’s Mohr Sports with Jay Mohr, The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, The Wayne Brady Show, and was the only white performer on The Big Black Comedy Show. —Jessica Petrocchi

Leon Larregui at Trees
León Larregui is revered for his work in the psyched-out rock group Zoé. The outfit is best known for its synthesis of Brit-pop and grunge; two concurring movements during the mid to late ’90s. Mixing the opposing camps earned Zoé multiple Grammy nods and prolonged success throughout the greater regions of Mexico and South America. Now a seasoned touring veteran, Larregui is gearing up for a DFW stop this Thursday. — CC

Brendan Constantine at The Wild Detectives
Brendan Constantine is a master of the literary arts. His medium of expression? Poetry. Hear Constantine’s line of work in person at Oak Cliff’s coffee/literary hub. — CC

Sir Michael Rocks’ Fam Squad at The Prophet Bar
The former Cool Kid and, quite literally, his entire squad are hitting the road for a little affair called The Sport Coat Willie Tour. Among the tour dates is a stop at The Prophet Bar. — Calvin Cashen

Robert Herman Lecture at Dallas Center for Photography
Before Humans of New York, there was ’80s NY street photographer Robert Herman. Here, he’ll lecture, discussing life’s work and creative process. In addition, Herman will teach a five-day workshop that kicked off yesterday. — CC

Anthony Hamilton, Fantasia at Verizon Theatre
Finally, a Hamilton you can actually get tickets to. There aren’t any raps about founding fathers, but there is an American Idol. Take what you can get. — CG

Big Trouble in Little China at Majestic Theatre
Dallas’ most popular boutique theaters are combining their efforts for a seven-part film series celebrating the career of John Carpenter (the director, not the local freeway’s namesake). In anticipation for his in-person performance June 24th, the Majestic Theatre will screen his oddball masterwork Big Trouble In Little China. — CC

Anvil at Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill
Thrash metal has a dense and storied lineage. Among its earliest contributors is Toronto’s Anvil, which is still riding high thanks mostly to the resurgence it experienced after that famed 2008 rock doc. Tonight, the group will shred its way through Dallas. — CC

JD Souther at Kessler Theater
Songwriting Hall of Famer John David Souther is quietly responsible for penning half-a-dozen of The Eagles’ greatest hits, as well as songs from the Cry-Baby and Urban Cowboy soundtracks, among dozens of other successful tunes. At The Kessler he’ll be taking them back into his own capable hands. — CG

She Wants Revenge at House of Blues
Ten years as a band is a great feat. She Wants Revenge is the latest bumptious group of to achieve this noteworthy mark. The California duo rolls through town to commemorate the decade that’s passed since its eponymous debut record. — CC

The Burning Hotels, Cut Throat Finches at Lola’s Trailer Park (Free)
Local mainstays The Burning Hotels brings its angular indie-rock know-how to Lola’s trailer-themed back porch area. And for free, no less. Cut Throat Finches opens. — CC


















































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