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Looking for something to do tonight? Of course you are, why else would you be here? There’s always the prospect of combing through family size Cheetos bags looking for interesting looking specimens to enter in the online Cheetos Museum’s current contest. Find a museum-worthy entrant — like, say, a chip that looks like Trump’s ugly mug — and they’ll toss you a cool $60K for your efforts.

On the other orange-stained hand, that seems like a messy way to spend the night. If you’d rather keep those paws cheese dust-free, then we’ve found a handful of slightly less lucrative propositions. — Cory Graves

Graveface Records Roadshow at Three Links
The term “supergroup” gets tossed around a lot these days. It’s a fairly meaningless tag used to capitalize on the careers of established musicians. The Prophets of Rage project, for instance (Rage Against the Machine plus Public Enemy’s Chuck D and Cypress HIll’s B-Real), comes off as a midlife crisis. Graveface Records signee, The Casket Girls, is a rare exception. Comprised of members from Black Moth Super Rainbow, The Marshmallow Ghosts and Dreamend, The Casket Girls is headlining a Graveface Records showcase, along with fellow affiliates Stardeath & White Dwarfs and Hospital Ships. — Calvin Cashen

Rockin’ the River: Eleven Hundred Springs at Panther Island Pavilion
Rockin’ the River sounds like an idillic summer evening. Gently sway on the glistening, not-gross-at-all Trinity River while listening to musical performances courtesy of Eleven Hundred Springs and the parking lot music of Larry Hopper once they make you evacuate. — CC

Jessy Lanza at Dada
Canada, for some reason, is seen as a timid nation quick to denounce conflict. Thankfully, Ontario native, Jessy Lanza is here to keep the peace as well, musically speaking. Her album Oh No soothes the soul. She has also been featured in the projects of Caribou and DJ Spinn. So you’re going, eh? — Sidney Johnson

30 Rock Quiz at Barley House
For years now, Geeks Who Drink has been putting on thematic trivia nights. This week, Barley House will host one of several 30 Rock-themed quizes taking place across the country. Eat it nerds! — CC

Asteroid Day at Good Records
Asteroids are cool, as long as they don’t leave us like our giant reptilian friends before us. We like them so much that we have a special day for them, one you can celebrate with good music (pun intended) and a discussion over the store’s latest book club highlight by author Andy Weir, The Martian. Asteroid stress balls will also be given out so you can lay off the moon rocks. — SJ

CityMAP: Uncharted Territory at The Better Block
Dallas’ ambitious CityMAP project is well underway. If you’ve been living under a rock lately, city infrastructure is probably the last thing on your mind. Basically, CityMAP is a lofty infrastructure project that will aim to renovate Dallas’ antiquated highways. This Thursday, city officials and other government administrators are convening for a public meeting, where they will discuss the current state of the project. — CC

Zora O’Neill at The Wild Detectives
After her graduate studies, Zora O’Neill traveled extensively to Egypt, Lebanon and Morocco, on a personal quest to master the Arabic language. This Thursday, the accomplished journalist will read from her critically acclaimed travel memoir, All Strangers Are Kin, which documents O’Neill’s travels and simultaneously addresses the stigma projected around Middle Eastern countries. — CC

Wondercrust Presents: Cyborg 3 at The Grotto
The Wondercrust Movie Watchers Club screens/yells comedic insults at B-grade sci-fi flicks on the last Thursday of every month. June’s film will be the third installment in Richard Lynch’s obscure Cyborg series, subtitled The Recycler. — CC

Conflict at Curtain Club
For a feasible $10, you can see the irate anarchist punk band Conflict perform at the Curtain Club. Judging from the group’s catalog, which includes song titles like “To A Nation of Animal Lovers”, it’s clear that Conflict is either left-wing to the max or diehard Morrissey fans. I’m guessing the former. — CC

Elisabeth Cook (Album Release) at Kessler Theater
Elizabeth Cook is a dynamic singer-songwriter based out of Nashville. Cook will perform at The Kessler this Thursday to help ring in the release of her latest record Exodus of Venus. — CC

Off the Top: Freestyle Rap Battle at Crown and Harp
Now you claim to be the Lil’ Flip of your group of friends that sit around stoned at parties; huddling up for a small cypher in the corner in hopes of gaining a crowd. But If you’re a real spitter, you’d know that spontaneity is key while in Shaolin. Bring that blade, unsheathed, and prove those hecklers from last night wrong; you are the freestyle king. — SJ

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