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Though not officially recognized by Guinness as an official world record, a super-talented bartender called Philip Traber recently set a record by pouring 17 Jagerbombs at once.

It’s pretty awesome to watch. And impressive, no doubt. Even more awesome and impressive is the person that drinks 17 Jagerbombs in one night. Something you can try by doing one at each of the following spots and then moving on. — Cory Graves

Drake, Future at American Airlines Center
The Summer Sixteen tour rolls into Dallas, bringing you two of the biggest acts in hip-hop right now. If there were ever an opportunity for an energetic and lit (as you kids say) show this is it. Mumble rap’s finest and the light-skinned Keith Sweat in one place? This will be the concert to see. Security has already been notified of Joe Budden’s recent diss track aimed at Aubrey and will provide soft tissues to his die-hard fans. Sorry guys, he won’t win this one. — Sidney Johnson

Straight Outta Oz at Verizon Theatre
The Wizard of Oz has seen multiple black-centric re-tellings over the years. This one gives the classic tale a bit of a modern twist. Deriving its title from N.W.A.’s ruthless gangster anthem, Straight Outta Oz chronicles the rise of local YouTube sensation Todrick Hall as he faces the struggles pervasive in modern society. — Calvin Cashen

Mushroomhead at Trees
Sweet Jebus, those masks are awesome. There are a plethora of metal bands out there with signature scary masks, but are just following the lead Mushroomhead started in 1993. When Before I Forget, by a certain popular metal band, came out just two years later, those guys were sporting their own masks. You know them, we know them, let’s just move on. — SJ

Whitney at Dada
Whitney is an indie-rock band from the Windy City, born from the ashes of Smith Westerns. Their latest video, No Woman, is a piece right out of a University of North Texas art show; misty woods, the brown faux combat boots under tightly cuffed jeans, hurling hatchets at trees while playing guitar with your Pabst beside you. The tunes are good and “folky,” it’s just the wave. — SJ

Vaden Todd Lewis at Granada Theater (Free)
Lewis is front-man for our beloved Fort Worth badasses the Toadies. This event is part of the “free week,” a week-long celebration of music at the Granada. Be there, or so help me Jesus… — SJ

Juan José D’Aubuisson at The Wild Detectives
The Salvadorean anthropologist will be reading his book, Ver oir y callar detailing his time studying the gang “MS13” in San Salvador for one year. The reading is in Spanish so go brush up on those notes from high school. — SJ

Thirsty Thursday at The Wild Detectives
The Wild Detectives is back with its quenching Thirsty Thursday, where three plays will be performed with its own set of drinking cues. The game aspect is unbeknownst to the actors, who will already be two drinks in by the time curtain rises. — CC

Hunny at Three Links
Six-piece post-punk outfit Hunny is setting out on a North American tour with snot-nosed punkers The Frights. The two bands have an unbridled stage presence matched only by their fuzz heavy sound. — CC

CityMAP Public Meeting at Bank of America Plaza
Is there is a single person out there that enjoys sitting in traffic after a full day at work? I didn’t think so. Given this universal frustration, TxDOT is looking to hear your opinion on the future of the portals to hell we call I-345, I-30, I-35 or the Trinity Toll Road. This is the one and only public meeting on the issue. Be heard. — SJ

Dark Rooms, Sudie, Pearl Earl at Harvest House
Dallas violin wiz and Pete’s Dragon soundtrack man Daniel Hart makes sexy, sexy music as Dark Rooms. And his band is but one of three on this stacked-top-to-bottom lineup. — CG

Lady Amaraldi and Friends Magic and Variety at Confetti Eddies Magic Parlor
The event dedicated to the life and magic of Charles Amaral of Charles and the Lady . We’re all a little too old to fall for the rabbit out of the hat trick, or the enthusiastic crowd member sawed in half. But thankfully we have our next generation to deceive. — SJ

Aaron Watson at The Rustic
Texas born musician Aaron Watson pulls influence from the most celebrated country musicians, namely George Jones, Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson. Watson’s reverence for these greats truly shines, especially on his acclaimed 2015 output, The Underdog; which debuted at number one on the Billboard Top Country Albums chart. — CC

Big Business at Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill
In 2006 Seattle sludge metal duo Big Business became the rhythm section of the Melvins, drumming and bassing on that legendary outfit’s most recent few albums, and at times opening for, essentially themselves, on those tours. Since then, vocalist Jared Warren (previously of Karp) and Coady Willis (Murder City Devils) have added a guitarist to round out their bombastic, low-end attack. — CG

Pouya at South Side Music Hall
In Persian, pouya means “dynamic.” Stateside it means a Miami rapper with something of a dynamic flow. Ramirez and Shakewell open. — CG

Slaid Cleaves at Dan’s Silverleaf
The southern-fried singer-songwriter fare of Austin’s Slaid Cleaves has earned the musician his share of celebrity devotees, with Stephen King being among his most famous fans. But there are others of note digging his music, too. For instance? His 2013 album Still Fighting the War was released on the Austin label Music Road Records, which is co-owned by Austin alt-country luminary Jimmy LaFave and Kelcy Warren, whose son is the one Klyde Warren Park was named after. The more you know, right? — CG

Ninkasi Last Band Standing: Vodeo vs Repel the Robot at Flying Saucer
Oregon-based brewery Ninkasi continues its summer-long battle of the bands at Sundown. The contest runs through October 1, when a winner will be crowned at Dada. — CG

Pokémon Go Lure Fest at National Videogame Museum
Catch a rare breed. Let the world renown video game nerds up in Frisco show you the way. — CG


















































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