Catch Death.

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Murder By Death at Dada
Murder by Death (the band, not the movie) brings its blend of dark indie rock, gothic folk and brooding alt-country to Dada this evening. For what it's worth, the band always seems to turn things up a notch when performing in town, probably because bassist Matt Armstrong spent his formative years in Dallas. Whether or not that pattern continues to hold, you should prepare your liver for an onslaught of whiskey just in case. Rocky Votoloto opens. — Lauren Rushing

Some Kanye West Thing at Uh, We're Not Sure Yet
Much as happened with Yeezus in 2013, Kanye West is doing something today in Dallas. Here's what we know: It's in an area cinema (details not yet released), but the event, which has something to do with West's new deal with Adidas, is already sold out. So, there you go, I guess? — Pete Freedman

Bob Seger at American Airlines Center
Back in October, Bob Seger released Ride Out, his 17th — and likely final — album. And now he's supporting the sucker with his most extensive tour since 2006. To his credit, he's still pushing forward, trying out new things, and it shows on the new LP, which doesn't quite sound like anything else he's ever put out. That might disappoint fans that show up tonight expecting just the hits, but with this possibly being one of his last-ever tours, we're sure the raspy-voiced classic rocker will plenty of those out, too. — CG

Hits at Texas Theatre
David Cross' directorial debut was made with $100,000 that the comedian raised via Kickstarter. Still, even with its minuscule budget, the Arrested Development actor (Tobias!) was still able to attract all kinds of big-name comedic actors to power this dark comedy, which explores fame in YouTube America. Meredith Hagner, Matt Walsh, James Adomian, Jake Cherry, Derek Waters, Wyatt Cenac, David Koechner, Jessie Ennis, Amy Sedaris, Michael Cera, Amy Carlson and Jason Ritter all make appearances. After making its debut at Sundance, Cross decided to turn down what he called lackluster distribution deals in favor of self-releasing the film himself, and he's doing so in some unusual ways — both via bit torrent and in theaters as a pay-what-you-want thing. That's right, this screening is a name-your-price deal. — CG

Princess Bride Quote-a-Long at Alamo Drafthouse
If you're a fan of The Princess Bride, well, prepare to die: Inigo Montoya's totally coming to the Alamo Drafthouse in Richardson for a special screening of the comedy classic. Or, wait, that's not right. This is: Mandy Patinkin, the actor perhaps best known for playing that revenge-seeking swordsman, will be in town. Even better: He'll be kicking off the quote-a-long screening on February 12 with some behind-the-scenes conversation, where he'll dish on some of his favorite stories from making the film. Y'know, kinda like Westley The Farm Boy Carey Elwes did at a screening, via satellite, back in October when he was promoting his behind-the-scenes book, As You Wish. Similarly, Patinkin's visit to the Drafthouse has a bit of a promotional angle to it as well: He'll also be discussing his new two-man show, The Last Two People on Earth: An Apocalyptic Vaudeville , which will be making its world debut at Richardson's Eisemann Center on Tuesday, February 17. The play will run through Sunday, February 22. — CG

Amanda Shires at Magnolia Motor Lounge
Talented violinist and singer-songwriter Amanda Shires has performed in the Texas Playboys, Thrift Store Cowboys and her husband Jason Isbell's band. She and Jason appeared together on a Bruce Springsteen tribute album last year that saw them turning in a gorgeously stripped-down take on “Born to Run.” Earlier this week they aso released a digital seven-inch featuring covers of Warren Zevon's “Mutineer” and Lykke Li's “I Follow Rivers.” Still, there's nothing more impressive than catching her mesmerizing, flawless chops live. — LR

Sweethearts Songswap at AllGood Cafe
Dallasites Robbie Saunders, Laura Harrel and Bronwen Roberts will be swapping tunes while you swap some pre-Valentine's Day spit at the good ol' AllGood Cafe. Pay what you can. — CG

Rose Quartz at Lola's
Rose Quartz frontman Ethan Converse only got into the live music thing about five years ago. Now, his indie-dance quartet is being hailed as the next big thing to come out of Denver. In any case, you've got a couple chances to catch the band on the cheap tonight: First, they'll be doing a free in-store at Good Records early in the evening, and then they'll play late at Lola's in Fort Worth, where you can see them for just $5. Ishi and Igneous Grimm will appear on the latter bill with them. — CG

Lotus at South Side Music Hall
Four albums into its career, Lotus dramatically shifted its sound. Granted, the sea-change was somewhat was intentional. The band decided to incorporate more electronic elements into its sound, while still retaining the familiar organic appeal through analog recording methods. It's a tricky balance, especially in the organic-obsessed jam band world. But Lotus seems to be striking it well, both on record and in live settings — or so we hear. Tonight, we'll see for sure as Lotus performs at South Side Music Hall. You can check out our 2012 interview with the band here. — Tiney Ricciardi

Beauty Pop Up at Beauty Bar
Never is Beauty Bar's “Get Hammered and Nailed” slogan more in effect than at Ms. Patty Cake's monthly Martinis & Manicures events. It's not all booze and nail polish, though, as folks will be on hand doing hair, giving massages and selling vintage clothes and jewelry. Treat yo' self. — CG

Knox Hamilton at Three Links
Headlining this one is Little Rock's Knox Hamilton, a band which contains a set of brothers, and comes recommended for fans of Phoenix's most recent album. Fort Worth indie rockers Kites and Boomerangs opens. — CG

Tommy Davidson at Addison Improv
In Living Color veteran Tommy Davidson begins a four-day run at the Addison Improv tonight. More recently, he voiced the Cream Corn character in Cartoon Network's Black Dynamite, which is a bit more timely than, say, his Sugar Ray Leonard impersonation. — CG

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Mad Max Double Feature at Granada Theater
Come for Guy Ritchie's '90s British crime comedy thriller, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and stay for the Mel Gibson-starring, '70s Australian dystopian action flick, Mad Max. It is, after all, the return of Granada's new double-features series. — CG

Todd Snider at Kessler Theater
Though he doesn't always get the credit for it he deserves, Snider is among his generation's greatest pure songwriters. With his trademark twang, gritty vocals and acerbic wit, he pens clever and biting story songs that tackle the issues of the day head on. — CG

Uli Jon Roth at Trees
Uli Jon Roth was the lead guitarist of German '70s hard rockers Scorpions. Lest you think the virtuoso axe man will be using his twilight years to finally start branching out, just know that, earlier this week, he released a new album of “reimagined” versions of that band's tunes. — CG

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