Get Super High With Doug Benson.

After looking at all that's going on tonight, it wouldn't be hard to imagine someone at one of these places turning to one of their friends and proclaiming that they were having so much fun that they never wanted to leave. Just keep in mind: Wherever you end up tonight, you do eventually, at some point, have to go back home.

You wouldn't want to repeat the fate of a Denver man that decided he was going to live in the attic of his favorite bar, only to end up flooding the place and having to be rescued by firefighters after getting trapped between the walls, would you?


Don't let this kind of thing happen to you. — Cory Graves

Th' Legendary Shack Shakers at Three Links
Maybe we're just a little biased because the last time we saw the Shack Shakers it was at a clusterfuck of an outdoor festival in Tennessee during what can only be described as a monsoon. Bands were disgruntled, gear was ruined and a tiny makeshift stage was erected — and, by that, we mean that a flatbed was haphazardly backed under a little tent. It's a situation many bands simply would have opted out of — and yet th' Shakers managed to rip the roof off that thing and make us all forget we were up to our knees in mud. Whiskey Shivers and From Parts Unknown open. — CG

Death at Trees
Just so we're clear: The band performing at Trees tonight is not the '70s proto-punk band that was the subject of the stunning 2012 documentary A Band Called Death. This '80s metal band of the same name was pretty influential in its own right, though, and today these guys are thought of as being as on the forefront of the extreme metal movement — just as the other Death was for punk. A Threat to the Enemy, Kaliya, Dei Aemeth and Asylum open. — CG

Doug Benson at Hyena's (Dallas)
It's no secret Doug Benson is quite the movie lover. Aside from hosting the popular Doug Loves Movies podcast, he's also starred in a few himself. 2007's Super High Me — his Morgan Spurlock-style parody that saw him smoking weed for 30 days in a row — is one that immediately comes to mind. And while he'll probably touch on movies in his stand-up set tonight, just know going in he has a few other markedly absurdist tricks up his sleeve as well. — CG

Bobcat Goldthwait at Hyena's (Fort Worth)
Known mostly for the twitchy, yelling, borderline insane character he'd put on for his '80s comedy sets — one not far off from the animal-like guy he played in the Police Academy movies — Goldthwait has changed quite a bit since retiring from stand-up in 2005. These days at his sporadic stand-up appearances, he tells jokes with a more conventional, far less frightening delivery. — CG

Charlie Murphy at Arlington Improv
If there was a second breakout star from Chappelle's Show, it was Eddie Murphy's comedian brother Charlie, who served as an actor in many of the series' most memorable sketches, including a handful of sketches in which he shared the tales of some of his '80s exploits with his more-famous kin. You've no doubt heard this sketch's long-standing catchphrase, “I'm Rick James, bitch!” countless times. Wanna hear it again? — Pete Freedman

“Texas to Pacific Art Exhibition” at T&P Station
Before Fort Worth artist Christa Lou Vaznis relocates to the West Coast, she's throwing one last art show and going away party. Fellow 817 artists Dan Black, David Grinnell, Emmy Laursen, Abi Hernandez, Jack Russell and Monica Wright will display their works as well, and Moonlight Native will perform. This one's a formal, though, so fancy dress is strongly encouraged. — CG

Jucifer at Lola's
There are a ton of other sludge metal acts out there. There are more than enough husband-wife duo's on tour right now as well. Hell, Jucifer is probably not even the only husband-wife, sludge metal duo going. The band is, however, one of the loudest you'll ever see, thanks to the wall of amplifiers frontwoman Gazelle Amber Valentine pipes her ax through. And, really, isn't the whole point of seeing live shows? To hear something you just can't get from the record? — CG

Blade Runner at Texas Theatre
If you've yet to see this Harrison Ford-led adaptation of Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, you've only got a short while longer before its meaning totally shifts. The '80s-made film, which depicts the futuristic dystopian society of America circa 2019, is going to seem pretty silly four years from now when things look nothing like they do in the cult classic. Of course, it'll be all the more chilling if it was right on the money all along. — CG

Andrea Bocelli at American Airlines Center
Please, Dallas: Don't be the one city where some jackass yells, “Boats and hoes!” should Bocelli perform “Por Ti Volare” tonight. That really wouldn't be cool. Plus, it's such a damn beautiful song to begin with. — CG

Afroman at The Aardvark
The Grammy-nominated one-hit wonder will stop by Fort Worth for what's sure to be a smoke-filled performance. Personally, when Afroman began to blow up in 2001, we thought he was on the verge of mega-stardom. Unfortunately, most of his fans were too blazed to bother going and buying his albums or attending his shows. They were going to, of course, but then they got high. Sorry, couldn't resist. — CG

Doyle Bramhall II at Granada Theater
Growing up the son of bluesman Bramhall Sr., who was lifelong best friends of the Vaughan brothers, Bramhall II was pretty much surrounded by amazeballs musicians from birth. It's a role he's grown into quite nicely, too, having previously toured in Jimmie Vaughan's band, and starting his own band with former members of Stevie Ray's old band. He's also the 224th most famous person that's ever lived in Dallas, so there's that. — CG

Seven-Year Anniversary at Capitol Pub
Raise a glass tonight in celebration the Henderson Avenue pub's seven years in business, where there'll be half-priced draft beers and liquor specials all night long. — CG

“Serial” Listening Party at Sundown (Free)
Are you one of the 5 million downloaders that's helped make the “This American Life” spinoff “Serial” the most popular podcast of all time? Then this is something you might dig. And while we don't quite understand the concept of going somewhere to listen to a podcast in public alongside a bunch of other people, it does make plenty of sense that you'd want to have lots of people around ready to discuss this week's new revelations over a craft brew. — CG

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