Get It Twisted.

Have you been wondering why more and more bars have been banning the use of electronic cigarettes? The answer has less to do with how douchey folks may or may not look whilst vaping, and more to do with the fact that the jury's still somewhat out on how potentially harmful all that secondhand “vapor” may actually be.

Or maybe it's because those things have a history ofexploding and burning bartenders on the job?

Tough to say for sure.

Regardless, it's something to keep in mind if one of the places you end up in tonight happens to be one of the establishments that's recently adopted an anti-electronic cigarette stance. So, y'know, maybe hold off on the bitching.

Mobb Deep at Dada
There was plenty of pot smoke in the air when the Queens hip-hop duocame through town last year as part of its 20th anniversary tour. This time around, they're promoting their April 1-released double disc, The Infamous Mobb Deep, which is comprised of both new cuts and outtakes from its 1994 album, The Infamous. — CG

Ben Folds with The Dallas Pops at Strauss Square
Unlike when Folds performed with the Fort Worth Symphony back in 2012, this performance with the Dallas Pops won't simply see songs like “Rockin' the Suburbs” or “Zak and Sara” getting the symphony backing treatment. Rather, Folds has recently composed a classical piano concerto that he'll play with orchestras all over the country this year. — CG

Humming House at The Prophet Bar
This Nashville-based roots outfit mixes several subgenres of porch-stomping music into its well-crafted Americana offerings. You may even find a touch of Django Reinhardt in there somewhere, too. Anyway, there's no doubt that these master musicians would have fit in swimmingly at the venue's recent Big Folkin' Fest a couple weekends back. But, at the same time, it's probably good that their exceptional musicianship isn't lost in the shuffle of a 40-band bill, too. — CG

Pure X at City Tavern
Formerly known as Pure Ecstasy — the atmospheric rockers changed their name to Pure X for legal purposes — this Austin-based band is hitting the road in support of its latest album, April's Angel, which comes just one year after its highly acclaimed sophomore album, Crawling Up the Stairs. With the recent addition of a second guitarist, the band's latest effort is also its most dreamy yet. M. Geddes Gengras and Nathan Brown open. — Erika Lambreton

Feral Future at Three Links
Austin outfit Feral Future identifies itself as a feminist/queer punk band. In pure punk fashion, the band tackles socio-political issues like rape, abuse, racism, feminism and queer rights with purposely uncomfortable lyrics. But, personally, we're most excited about this Dallas appearance from the Denton femme-duo Wiving, a band thatwe recently profiled. It's the band's Dallas debut, in fact. Fort Worth garage rockers War Party and Denton noise rock act Bitch Teeth also perform. — CG

AT&T Patio Sessions at Sammons Park
This week's edition of the free, family-friendly, outdoor music series will feature a performance from Yells at Eels. Remember: The music starts at 5:30 and it's BYOB. — CG

Celebrate Uptown at The Rustic
While Uptown boasts a certain reputation for having the city's douchiest bars and, in turn, so of the douchiest crowds, it's also not without reproach. At times, Uptown can even be pretty freakin' great. And, tonight, the neighborhood will come together at its newest outdoor concert venue to celebrate all the things that make Uptown stand out. Well, the positive ones, at least. In theory. Anyway: Cory Morrow, J. Charles & The Trainrobbers and The Hazardous Dukes will all perform at this thing, so just be sure you color coordinate your top-siders and cowboy hats accordingly. — CG

Shoes & Champagne at Belk
The newly-opened Belk store located in Dallas' Galleria Mall introduces tonight a new featuring champagne, cupcakes and — what else? — some shoe shopping. Representatives from brands such as Kate Spade, French Connection, Sam Edelman and more will be in attendance. They'll also be offering a special “mystery discount” tonight. — Porschia Paxton

Big Head Todd & The Monsters at House of Blues
Maybe it's partly due to all the 20th anniversary editions of so many seminal '90s albums being released over the last couple years (or just because of the cyclical nature of music), but a lot of people are nostalgic for that bygone era of alternative rock at the moment. This might help explain how acts like Big Head Todd are still kicking around and filling out venues the size of the House of Blues. — CG

Mistaken for Strangers at Texas Theatre
The theater's music-based double-header tonight will see a screening of Mistaken for Strangers, a film by budding horror director Tom Berninger, who shot this documentary while working as a crew member for his brother Matt's band, The National, during its 2010 tour. The night will begin, however, with Tales of Us, a new audio-visual experience courtesy of Goldfrapp. — CG

Sneaky Sound System and Zhora at The Globe
Though its output leans a bit more towards electro-house than electro-funk, Sneaky Sound System may as well be Australia's answer to Chromeo, which was here just a couple nights ago. The fact that this fellow vocoder/guitar duo features female lead vocals helps further distinguish between the two, though. Plus? Likeminded local outfit Zhora opens tonight with special guest Ronnie Heart on guitar. — CG

Jennifer Meyer Personal Appearance at Ylang 23
Renowned Cali girl and jewelry designer to the stars Jennifer Meyer will be showcasing her newest collection tonight at Preston Center, where you can purchase some of the same iconic and personalized items she's made that they're wearing out in L.A. and New York. — PP

Cameron Silver Book Signing at NYLO Dallas
The Fashion Group International of Dallas is set to honor Cameron Silver, the founder of exclusive vintage Loa Angeles boutique Decades and star of Bravo's Dukes of Melrose. The famed outfitter to stars such as Julia Roberts and Jennifer Lopez will also at this one be signing copies of his first book Decades: A Century of Fashion, which was first published in 2012. — PP

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