A Spoonful of Sugar Helps The Monday Doldrums Go Down.

At first blush, this Monday is dead. Deader than dead, even. Hell, it's so dead, they used to tell stories about this Monday's life back in the Mesozoic Era — and, even then, it'd been dead for, like, a long time.

But if you scratch a little bit under the surface, dig a little bit deeper, get a little creative and maybe look under some rocks, you'll realize: This Monday's really not so bad. Hell, it's kind of great, actually. Think of it this way: Today is your line in the sand, your excuse to throw the Old You in the past and let the New You out for a walk.

Do something a little different today — like maybe taking in some musical theater.

Take a walk on the wild side — or maybe even a run that will lead you toward some clothes discounts.

Stop sitting on the sidelines and make sure your voice heard — you've got a couple of options for that, actually.

Or maybe just give your mind a little bit of exercise — because lord knows it could use it.

Nah, this Monday ain't dead at all. It's just got some life in it yet.

When was the last time you smoked hookah? Were you in college? Was it in a kinda creepy, rundown house that some guy you took Spanish class with rented? Were you a little uncomfortable? Did it get better as you started to actually smoke the hookah? Because that stuff's really does help you relax, just like they tell you? Tonight's offerings at Kush won't be that bad. For starters, this place ain't that creepy. And, on top of that, resident DJs Sheka Booker & Jay*Clipp will be in the mix, spinning classic tunes for you to jam to while you get your smoke and drink on. Consider this your chance to practicing exhaling smoke like Snoop Dogg does in that one video (read: all of his videos).

Minnesota Wild versus the Dallas Stars at the American Airlines Center
Your Dallas Stars are doing OK this year. They've got a young team — 10 of their 23 players are 25 years old or younger — and yet they currently sit in eight place in the Western Conference, which is good enough to put them into the playoffs. It's tough to say if Stars management is all too pleased with that positioning, though: Just yesterday, the team completed a first line-decimating deal that will send star winger and team captain Brenden Morrow to the Eastern Conference-leading Pittsburgh Penguins in exchange for defensive prospect Joseph Morrow (no relation). Does this mean the front office is throwing in the towel on this lockout-shortened season and just committing to building toward the future around their increasingly young nucleus? Find out tonight as the new-look Stars take on the Minnesota, the team that currently sits in the four hole in the Western Conference standings.

Social Run at Relativity Outdoors
Meet up at this new-ish Mockingbird Station retailer before 6 p.m. to take part in a group run. And, if you do, you'll receive 30 percent of all merchandise in the store. Tough to be mad at about that.

Anne Frank: A Private Photo Album at the Dallas Holocaust Museum
You read The Diary of Anne Frank in school, and you can thank her father, Otto Frank, for that. The lone member of the Frank family to survive the Holocaust found his daughter's diary after the end of World War II and helped make sure his daughter's lucid, first-person take on the atrocities of that time were published for all the world to read. But Otto was also a photographer, and, before her death at the age of 15, he'd taken a number of photos of Anne and her sisters on vacation and in everyday life. This exhibit, which features 71 such photos and screenings of a short documentary called The Short Life of Anne Frank, should prove a haunting remember of how quickly otherwise happy lives spiraled out of control in 1930s and '40s Europe.

Dallas Summer Musicals Presents: Mary Poppins at the Music Hall at Fair Park
Mary Poppins began its 10-day Fair Park run last Wednesday and runs through this coming Friday, but maybe tonight's the night you take a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine ego down.

Wildest Weather in the Solar System at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science
Despite some bad publicity, the Perot Museum remains so jam-packed and highly attended since its opening that its website still encourages folks to purchase their tickets online and in advance so as not to get turned away at the door. Sound a little too hectic to enjoy? Hey, we feel ya. But things are definitely quieter at the museum during the daytime if you're down to play a little hooky from work. And, as a bonus for heading the museum's way during the day, you'll be able to check out one of two National Geographic documentaries airing in the museum's 3D theater. We recommend Wildest Weather in the Solar System because, c'mon, that sounds dope. But, if “cute” is more your flavor, there's Meerkats 3D, too. Each film runs twice throughout the course of the afternoon. Hit the above link for showtimes.

2013 GDRA “WHO'S YOUR CRAWDADDY?” Crawfish Boil at The Ranch at Las Colinas
Sixty bones sounds a like a lot for a crawfish boil — especially one in Irving, no less — but consider the following: 1) This one's being thrown by Greater Dallas Restaurant Association, so that shit should be delicious; 2) The crawfish is all-you-can-eat, as are the specialty appetizers, and the beer's free. Just be sure to buy your tickets online and before you head out that way because they say there won't be any tickets up for grabs at the door.

Light the Way to Justice- Dallas says “WE DO!” in Cedar Springs
This week could potentially go down as a watershed one in U.S. History as the Supreme Court promises to look at not one, but two cases dealing with gay marriage in the coming days, the first of which deals with the constitutionality of state gay marriage bans and the second of which looks at the Defense of Marriage Act, which prohibits a number of federal benefits to gay couples. And, rightfully, it looks like a number of North Texas are on the offensive this week to make sure that everyone knows that, yes, these cases are a very big deal. Tonight, GetEQUAL TX asks that supporters of gay rights show up en masse at 7 p.m. to the Legacy of Love Monument at the intersection of Cedar Springs and Oak Lawn with signs, pride flags and candles to offer up a major show of support. Up in Denton but still want to do your part? No problem. A separate but similar event thrown b Keep Denton Queer will be going at the Courthouse on the Square starting at 6 p.m.


















































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