Send Khalid Your Location At House of Blues, Honor David Bowie With A Laser Show In Denton And Mellow Out With This Wild Life.

That nagging suspicion you’ve had all along is right.

The crosswalk button doesn’t do a damned thing. In New York, Seattle and, yes, even our fair Dallas, the button is often times little more than a placebo. In reality, it’s apparently too much of a hassle to change the traffic pattern for just one person waiting at a street corner — so just let them wait.

Let’s be real, though — touching those buttons is gross, so consider yourself lucky to have learned this bit of information.

But if you’re out and about and you see one of those useless metal buttons, don’t let the rage get to you. Instead let off some steam by checking out one or two of these events around town. — Alex Copeland

Khalid at South Side Ballroom
If you’re young, dumb and broke, we hope you at least have enough to hit up this concert. — AC

This Wild Life at Club Dada
These Long Beach acoustic rockers pass through on tour. Their laid-back tunes may just be your song of the summer. — AC

Rodney Atkins at Rockin Rodeo
Songs about chasing girls, trucks, chasing girls, getting threatened by their fathers, chasing girls and the rest of the country milieu. — AC

Eminence Ensemble at Sundown at Granada
A rock fusion sextet that prides themselves on their soulful live sets. — AC

Josh Heinrichs at Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill
Formerly of Jah Roots, Heinrichs has the midwest reggae jams that will help you breath easy. — AC

Unsane, Fashion Week at Three Links
Noise rockers unite in this pairing of thrashing, screaming bands. — AC

Generation Idol, Sedated at Trees
A duo of tributes, a mashup of mimics, a selection of simulacra. — AC

David Bowie Laser Light Show at Andy’s Bar Denton
What better way to celebrate a pansexual space alien rock star than with lasers? — AC

“Mind the Headspace” Live at The Nines
Catch a live recording of this cerebral Dallas electronic music podcast with guests CIVIL and Dallas-based Fropsi hosts. — AC

Hip Hop Karaoke at Expo Bar
Sing any jam that you please. Registration starts at 10 p.m. — Obed Manuel

Wonderland Syndrome at Double Wide
The experimental rock trio from Oakland is joined by Cadillac To Mexico, The Death of Rock ‘n Roll and Skeeba. — OM

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