Don’t Ask Permission.

Did you score some heart-shaped chocolate boxes on the cheap yesterday? If, for whatever reason, your clearance candy didn’t come with one of those guides that tells you what’s inside each of those things, here’s a way to tell what each one is.

So you can just stop spending any time wondering about all that. Similarly, here’s another guide to let you know what’s good tonight.

P.O.S. at Dada
The Doomtree/Marijuana Death Squads member is in town hyping Chill, Dummy, his fifth solo record. Singer/rapper/martyr Ceschi opens.

Newsies: The Broadway Musical at Alamo Drafthouse (Cedars)
Extra! Extra! The 2011 play, based on the 1992 movie, based on the newsboys strike of 1899, which was then all Disneyfied, is back on the big screen.

Saint Joan at Angelika Film Center
You second opportunity to see a theatrical production at a movie house this evening, this one’s a George Bernard Shaw original about Joan of Arc.

Adia Victoria at Three Links
Swampy blues rocker Adia Victoria only began touring in early 2015, but big things are no doubt on the horizon. Rolling Stone described her as “PJ Harvey covering Loretta Lynn at a haunted debutante ball.” Intriguiging! Fellow badass and interesting ladies of the local variety, Francine Thirteen and Claire Morales, open.

Eric Johnson at House of Blues
Grammy-winning blues wizard Eric Johnson will take turns tonight, tastefully wanking away on the piano and the guitar. All night. As in there’s no openers here – or bandmates for that matter.

Ro James at South Side Music Hall
An Erykah Badu opening act last summer, and Soul Train Awards performer in the fall, Ro James’ gritty, sexed up soul music is ready to take center stage on its own merits this time around.

Save Ferris at Trees
Save Ferris — but really just the band’s old lead singer Monique Powell and a bunch of brand new dudes — recently released its first new record in 18 years. Was the world really clamoring for another record from the ska band that covered “Come on Eileen” back in 1997?

Drunken Master at Alamo Drafthouse (Cedars)
The early Jackie Chan film, one of his first, in fact, kicked off the student-and-master trope that would be repeated in The Karate Kid, Kill Bill and many others.

Jamie Lin Wilson at Dan’s Silverleaf
The former member of The Trishas, and owner of the lady voice on Turnpike Troubadours’ “Call a Spade a Spade” is in town singing songs from her own solo record. It’s good, good country strong. Summer Dean and Raised Right Men open.

Kevin O’Leary at College Park Center
The prickly Shark Tank investor otherwise known as Mr. Wonderful drops by UTA to drop some business knowledge on some unsuspecting college kids – or, y’know, whoever else decides to show up.

Easy Rider at Texas Theatre
A young Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper smuggle some coke to Mardi Gras in this American classic. Fogg, Crypt Trip, Evil Triplet and Sunbuzzed perform live music behind the screen afterward.

Craig Ferguson: The New Deal Tour at Winspear Opera House
What can folks expect from Drew Carey’s old TV boss at this live show? “They can expect a sophomoric, ill-rehearsed, amateurish performance done by an immigrant with a lot of heart,” Ferguson says. “I don’t really have an act. I am who I am and I say what I say.”

Meet N Greet App Launch Party! at Nickel and Rye
It’s a free app that helps you find people nearby that like to do the same things as you, in order so that you might meet up and do those things together. Meet a few of those future new friends at this launch party which features some free appetizers and live music.

To find out what else is going on today, this week and beyond, check out our event directory.

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