Watch Your Butts.

You can learn a lot from the internet. Like this eight-year-old who learned to drive by watching some YouTube tutorials, and then took his sister on a ride to McDonald’s.

We’re not here to teach you how to operate a motor vehicle, but we are on the internet, so there are some things you can learn from us. For starters, you can use the following list to learn how to have fun in North Texas this evening. — Cory Graves

SusCon at Viva’s Lounge
Dallas SusCon is a gathering of people that really love suspension. Not like suspense, they like being drug up into the air on fucking hooks dug into their body. And there’ll be classes all week long to learn how to take your practice to the next level.  — Paul Wedding

Doctor Who Season 10 Premiere at Alamo Drafthouse (Cedars)
The BBC classic kicked off its 36th series a couple nights ago in jolly old England. Maybe you didn’t watch if live, but you can one-up those Brits by at least watching it on a bigger screen. — CG

Ansley’s Epic Birthday Bash at The Grotto
The Panic Volcanic singer celebrates her born day with lots of musical Fort Worth friends – and one secret special guest. — CG

Genderswap Karaoke at The Boiled Owl
Channel your Dan Finnerty by dressing as the opposite sex and sticking to tunes made famous by members of the opposite sex. — CG

Raising Arizona at Alamo Drafthouse (Richardson)
This is my absolute favorite Coen Brothers film. (Yes, I like it even slightly more than Fargo or The Big Lebowski. Sue me.) Nicolas Cage is the good kind of crazy as the ex-con who kidnaps a local businessman’s baby so he and his wife (Holly Hunter) can have the life they’ve always wanted. It’s the Coens’ funniest movie, and a lot of that has to do with the characters’ odd turns of phrase (“We released ourselves on our own recognizance,” and, “We’re swingers. As in, to swing,” and even, “Son, you got a panty on your head.”) that would become a staple of the Coen Brothers’ work. — Kip Mooney

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