Emporium Pies Stops Napping on Mondays, Local Beer Keeps Flowing and #Sriracha2Denton Moves Forward.

Welcome to The Spread, our weekly feature that aims to share all the area restaurant, food and beverage industry news that's fit to print. Except, this is the Internet, so space isn't a concern. Also: Good thing, because this is Dallas and this town always has breaking restaurant news going down like whoa.

When you hear the name Emporium Pies, the first things that come to mind are savory pies that you can only get in Bishop Arts and McKinney — and, just maybe, the fact that you can’t get them on Mondays.

Well, good news on that front: Starting May 26, Emporium Pies will be open seven days a week.

“It's to expand our business,” says Myranda Sauters, one of the managers from the pie business' Bishop Arts location. “People want pie on Mondays, so why not be open on Mondays?”

Currently, the Emporium Pies website says that both the Bishop Arts and McKinney locations are “closed for a nap” on Mondays, but no one will have to go a day without pie soon.

“There's no napping in pie,” says Sauters.

Sauters also notes that pie lovers should be sure to check out Emporium’s latest creation called Java the Hutt. A crunchy and salty toffee pie with a bold espresso filling, the pie pairs perfectly with iced coffee or a smoky bourbon. Eaters can look forward to other new pie flavors this summer, too.

Meanwhile, just as soon as we received news of Top Pot Doughnuts' Dallas opening, it was taken away due to a delay in the final inspection. The Hillcrest Avenue location was projected to open today at 6:30 am, but a somber Facebook post apologetically pulled the plug on that plan at the last minute. As of now, the reopening is rescheduled for Thursday, May 22, at 6:30 am, so people anxious to get their taste of Seattle donuts don’t have to wait too long, at least.

This week in #Sriracha2Denton news: Denton City Councilman Kevin Roden led a delegation of Denton city officials to visit Huy Fong Foods this past Monday. Prior to the delegation’s departure, though, Denton citizens held a #Sriracha2Denton Pepper Rally at Oak Street Draft House on Friday. Oak Street also served a series of signature Sriracha-themed cocktails, such as the Sriracha margarita to commemorate the event. During the course of the rally, Swash Labs captured some of the sentiments of Denton citizens in favor of the Sriracha plant moving or expanding to the town. Check out that video below:

Despite concerns from Huy Fong head-honcho David Tran and questions about sufficient water policies for the crops needed to produce the sauce in Texas, Roden remains unshaken in his efforts. And perhaps he has a reason to be, considering the complaints from Irwindale, California, residents issued against Huy Fong Foods and David Tran's recent NPR interview, in which he compared his fight with the government there to living in communist Vietnam.

Meanwhile, you can celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage month with the Asian Food Truck Showdown at the Uptown Truck Stop at Sisu this weekend. Trucks such as Bombay Chopstix, Bobbaddiction, Yimyam Thai Fusion and Say Kimchi will be battle it out in front of a panel of judges and fans on Saturday, May 24, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Back downtown, fans of Bryan Street Tavern will be happy to know that the restaurant is now delivering. Pizzas can be delivered in an up to three-mile radius area from the Bryan Street location, with some occasional exceptions if you just call and ask.

In craft beer news, the DFW can look forward to a slew of new breweries coming to the area over the coming year. Look forward to seeing Bishop Cider Co. in Bishop Arts opening in the near future, the long-awaited Braindead Brewing in Deep Ellum, the previously mentioned Armadillo Ale Works relocation and Nine Band Brewing Co. in Allen,, just to name a few.

Community Beer Co., on the other hand, is gearing up for World Cup season with World Cup viewing parties at the brewery and its tap room starting June 12. Viewing schedules will be posted on the brewery's Facebook in the coming weeks for soccer fans, or anyone just looking for a good time.

Also? Breweries and restaurants are teaming up like crazy. Eater reports that Melt, our new favorite ice cream shop in Fort Worth, has joined forces with with Rahr & Sons Brewing Company for a new sundae featuring the brewery's Iron Thistle Scotch Ale. And Pecan Lodge, which opens this Friday, May 23, has teamed with Four Corners Brewing Co. for a new brew called Boss Lady Rustic Red that will only be available at the new Deep Ellum barbecue spot. .

Speaking of beef: There's plenty in the wake of Preston Center italian eatery Mi Piaci Cucina's as one of the spot's former owner has publicly accused his old partners of colluding to out him from future enterprises.

Healthier than engaging in public arguments, of course, is juicing. Which brings us to this news: Austin-based juicery Daily Juice will open up its first Dallas location along Cedar Springs in June. According to the team at D, it's the first of 10 spots the company plans on opening in the next three years.

Elsewhere: Revered East Dallas taqueria La Banqueta is finally open again, which is great news; even Houstonians can't get enough of Matt McCallister's red-hot FT33 spot, although we're not sure if they'd be game to eat his Christmas tree, as so many Dallasites were this week; and, finally, Dallas' West End Chipotle location made national headlines as gun activists once again ruined some area diners' day by showing up with weapons and acting like it wasn't scary, which The Daily Show too thinks is a dumb move.

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