New Late-Night Deep Ellum Restaurant Bricks & Bones Is Fowl As Fuck.

After a couple hours of partying and revelry in Deep Ellum, many people will take off on an adventure to satiate their late-night hunger pangs for greasy, fattening, soul-satisfying foods.

Some may search for cheeseburgers. Others may go for some midnight pizza or tacos.

But a new spot in Deep Ellum that’s angling to become your next late-night guilty pleasure deals in an entirely different realm.

And it just might succeed: Bricks & Bones, located just across from Off The Record in the old EZ Dude BBQ spot at 2713 Elm Street, has become the talk of the neighborhood since it started serving its mighty delicious fried chicken and “Mex-Tex” fare upon opening earlier this month.

The brainchild of first-time restaurant owner Cliff Edgar and chef Ray Morales, Bricks & Bones is pretty refreshingly bare bones inside of its weathered-door entryway. It’s clear right away: Edgar and Morales aren’t interested in fine dining and they’re not pretending to be; rather, they say their aim is to make their space as comfortable as a friend’s home, where the food becomes the focus over everything else.

The concept was born from Edgar and chef Morales’ experiences in Mexico City and their desire to bring some of those traditional flavors into the southern soul food realm, and primarily to the staple dish of fried chicken. The result is a juicy chicken that’s cooked to perfection, battered in a playful blend mix of Mexican spices and then fried deliberately to accentuate the chicken flavor as opposed to wholly overwhelming it. Served alongside Morales’ secret homemade hot sauce, and you have a winning combination.

In addition to fried chicken served in a variety of ways, Bricks & Bones also offers traditional Mexican staples such as elotes and borracho beans, some southern-inspired sides including jalapeño biscuits and gravy, and a smartly curated cocktail menu. (We recommend the Slowpoke Rodriguez, which combines hibiscus-infused tequila, blood orange, jalapeño, and amaretto into a satisfying blend of citrus that’s balanced by a strong kick of heat and rounded out by the slight almond sweetness from the amaretto.)

Another unique part of the new restaurant: It’s only open during the waning hours of the day, operating from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. nightly, and dark on Mondays.

It’s almost like Bricks & Bones understands its audience or something.










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