Talking The Process of Filmmaking with The Guys Behind The Dallas-Made Hello Gangster.

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OK, so this might be the coolest podcast of the 58 we've done so far. It's certainly different from the other 57.

Here, rather than discuss a movie at length, we discuss what it's like to make a film. Helping me do so are the three Dallas friends behind the new, available-on-demand movie Hello Gangster, which earns its release on Vimeo today.

Loyal podcast listeners may remember actor Simon Cardoza, who joined me on a previous episode of the podcast. On this episode, he's joined by fellow actor Matt NBarron and director Richard Krause to flash their fun chemistry and help me understand how a film gets made and, among other things, how shitty the film festival application process really is.

This is the rare no-spoiler episode of TCMP, so you can see the movie before or after listening. But you should definitely see it.

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