The Easy Slider Ladies Teach Us To Make Their Sweet & Lowdown Slider.

The Easy Slider food truck has almost single-handedly taken Dallas’ fourth meal scene to an entirely different dimension. And not even just fourth meals, lunch and dinner too.

These ladies are tireless. They’re serving up the freshest, hottest, tastiest sliders that will ever grace your sweet little lips — and they are all over Dallas, day and night.

Let’s meet ’em.

Names: Caroline (pronounced Carolyn) Perini and Miley Holmes.

History: Caroline was born and raised in Dallas and grew up in her dad’s restaurant, Perini Ranch Steakhouse, in Buffalo Gap. Miley is from Summit, Mississippi, an LSU alum and lists her previous food related employment as “Official Taste Tester.”

How’d you guys meet?
We met 5 years ago at the House of Blues in Dallas, where Caroline was the logistics manager for special events and Miley was an operations manager in the Music Hall. We started talking about opening a food truck four days after meeting.

What is your goal for Easy Slider?
We want to provide a fun food truck experience with fresh, quality ingredients and be creative with our flavor combinations. We like to say we are always on the quest for “The Perfect Bite.” We use only Certified Angus Beef and organic produce. Plus, our bread is baked fresh daily, our desserts are local, and our sauces are made on the truck.

What is each of your favorite slider?
Caroline is going through a really heavy Nutty Pig phase right now, paired with a bag of Zapp’s Salt & Vinegar potato chips. Miley is obsessed with The Southern Comfort. It’s on our upcoming spring menu, and let’s just say it involves pimento cheese and fried green tomatoes.

Is Caroline the cook and Miley the front-person all the time, or do y’all switch?
Um, no. We do not switch. Ever.

Who made the menu? Who put those flavor combos together?
Nine times out of 10, Caroline makes the magic happen.

Do you have a kitchen mantra?
“Live easy. Eat sliders.” It’s plastered on the side of our truck, and we joke that it applies to us as much as it does our customers. We never let each other forget that this is supposed to be fun. Now might be a good time to mention that we’re taking off Memorial Day Weekend to go to the Sasquatch Music Festival.

The ladies have also been kind enough to show us how to make their famed Sweet & Lowdown slider.

– 1 slider bun or dinner roll
– 2.75 oz Certified Angus Beef, hand formed into a patty
– 1 slice of crispy bacon
– 1 smear of strawberry jam
– 1 smear of goat cheese
– 1/4 fresh strawberry for garnish

1. Grill patty to perfection.
2. Fry bacon until crispy.
3. Assemble onto bottom bun, starting with the patty, then the bacon, followed by the strawberry jam, the goat cheese and the top bun.
4. Garnish with fresh strawberry.
5. Enjoy!


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