A New Study Says Dallas Residents Love Everything About The City. Do These People Keep Up With News?

Earlier this week, the City of Dallas released the findings from its latest community survey. The overwhelming result? A majority of folks really like it here!

Some of that can be attributed to the city’s seeming abundance of job opportunities, our obscene amount of shopping options and our awesome (and way underrated) cultural scene.

Those are all things Dallas can absolutely brag about, for sure. But as the Dallas Morning News queried in its headline about these findings, why doesn’t it feel like people love it here as much as this survey says they do?

Good question! Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that there is some seriously frustrating stuff that still happens around here regularly.

I don’t have the time to write a Yakko-esque ditty about all of them, but let’s recap some of the big ones:

Our murder rate is up, way up.
Stray dogs in South Dallas are killing people.
Our City Council is run by a bunch of First Amendment-averse prudes who are costing us thousands of dollars every single day.
The Bishop Arts District is one the verge of losing all of its charm.
Despite somehow winning awards, DART is wildly ineffective.
The city is so against dealing with homelessness that the only option being seriously discussed at the moment is shipping the problem off to an abandoned navy base in the suburbs.
The city has no issue throwing hardworking small businesses to the wayside as soon as it hear promise of something nicer.
The City Council voted against what the Dallas Police Chief David Brown called a “too damn practical” cite-and-release program for people found possessing marijuana.
Our streets are riddled with obnoxious potholes, there is no immediate help on the way and it’s estimated at this point that it would cost $1 billion just to bring our streets up to “satisfactory” conditions.

And all that’s before we get into the rest of the lies this city tells itself constantly. Are the people who answered this survey just not keeping up on current events? More pressing: Are they onto something with that decision?

Ignorance is indeed bliss.


















































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