Now This Is A Story All About How Iman’s Style Got Flipped, Turned Upside Down.

Name: Iman Ahmed.
Age: 18.
Occupation: “Is unoccupied an occupation?”
Found: Sheraton Hotel in Downtown Dallas.
Describe your style: “Well, I’m actually going to my sister’s birthday party, so I wouldn’t usually wear this everyday — but it’s a semi-formal gala so I thought I’d dress up. My style is everything that has to do with the ’90s — high-waisted jeans, silk dresses like the one I’m wearing, wind breakers, et cetera.”
What are you wearing? “My silk dress is from Revolve clothing. My head scarf was gifted to me from my mom, and it’s from Ethiopia. My jewelry is from — oh gosh, I’ve had these for forever! My shoes are from Nordstrom.”
Who/what inspires your sense of fashion? “Who? Probably Ashley or Hilary Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I like their styles both equally. Any Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé music videos. The ’90s chic, red carpet look is the look I’m trying to serve right now! But ’90s R&B music videos are my go-to if I need help pairing things.”

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