Charles Listens.

Name: Charles Smith II.
Age: 27.
Occupation: “I do fashion design — higher-end, ready-to-wear couture.”
Found: Deep Ellum.
Describe your style: “Street chic.”
What are you wearing? “The glasses I am wearing are Oliver Peoples. The shirt is KTZ a brand out of London. The pants are mine, Smith The Second. The watch is Breda, a Dallas-based company. One of the bracelet is from Forever 21. This is a Celine bracelet. This VIP band is from Jennifer Fisher, which I got from Coachella. She gave it out at the parties. The necklace is B.Stellar, also local in Dallas.”
What inspires your fashion sense? “Life in general, and the people I see. The conversations I have. Even the women I am dressing, understanding where they're going and their lifestyle.”

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