A.I. Wants The Truth.

Name: A.I.
Age: 24.
Occupation: “I'm an artist, rapper, poet, photographer, and videographer.”
Found: Deep Ellum.
Describe your style: “Comfortable.”
What are you wearing? “The chain I jacked from another rapper friend at a show last night. This shirt I found at this store called GenX. The pants are Forever 21. I got some all-white Nikes. The watch — I stole this from my wife. The sunglasses I traded with the same rapper friend, ThatKidCam.”
What inspires your fashion sense? “The truth in life, in humans and in the world. In a style sense, I am feeling the longer shirts right now. To some people, my dress is more masculine. But I actually like the long shirts because it makes me feel like a woman — even though I buy them out of the men's section.”

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