Comedian Ron Lechler’s Illustration Lays Out What’s Next For Jason Lee’s Denton.

If one was to sum up Denton’s evolution in 2015 in one word, it’d have to be “Midlake-ification.” Yes, as we’ve written about previously, the city’s most successful band appears to have been taking over Denton one storefront at a time.

Turns out, we’re not the only ones who’ve noticed this, either. The band’s influence even attracted the band’s biggest fan, My Name is Earl actor Jason Lee, to move to town earlier this year. And, ever since, stalking the actor as he takes artistic photographs around the square has become something of a pastime in the college town.

It’s all quite silly, really. And that’s why we find Denton-based writer/comedian/person with feelings Ron Lechler‘s below-posted recent illustration of Lee’s “Future-History Timeline of Denton, Texas” so utterly humorous.

Illustrated humor is something Lechler knows a little about, considering his film The Best Medicine is, in his words, a “partially-animated documentary [that] explores the stories of stand-up comedians and the sometimes tragic origins of their humor.”

Anyway, check out the illustration below and have yourself a good laugh.

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