The Latest Bedroom Pop Track And Lyric Video From Wassup Rocker Is Full Of DIY Charm, Retro Aesthetic & Good Vibes And “It’s A Fucking Hit.”

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Wassup Rocker – “Front Row”
RIYL: getting in the front and staying there.
What else you should know: Juan Carlos Castillo is back with a new single from his Wassup Rocker project, and it’s a joy. He’s no stranger to our ears, and it’s great to see him back with a new tune. The delectable “Front Row” has a 1970s yacht rock vibe with the lo-fi nature of bedroom pop mixed with his great hip-hop-like flow in front of the microphone.

As he put it himself on his Instagram page, it’s “a fucking hit.” And after many listens, it should very well be.

Combined with a lo-fi video that looks like it was shot on VHS, the instantly-catchy tune is something you can’t listen to only once. With the clean guitars going up and down the fretboard combined with keyboards and gentle drumming, everything works so well together. Castillo is no stranger to releasing singles and gaining a large following online, and this should bump up his numbers even higher.

With a tale of having hopes and dreams with his love in the near future, he’s saving up for a rocket ship to get out here. It’s a modern sort of pop song rooted in what always makes some chords and beats into audio gold.

Bedroom pop might deter people from checking it out because of the perceived production value seemingly cheapening the overall sound. Well, not everyone can have access to the best recording equipment and instruments. And plus, most musicians have to start somewhere safe and isolated, so why not a bedroom?

For those who get what Wassup Rocker is about, this is another great tune to add to his long line of tunes to enjoy the hell out of.

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