Check Out The Escalation of Dallas’ Biggest Rap Beef, As MO3 All But Accuses Yella Beezy of Comedian Roy Lee’s 2018 Death.

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MO3 – “2 Nineteen.”
RIYL: Enjoying life, smiling every day.
What else you should know: There’s a lot to unpack here in MO3’s new Yella Beezy diss track. So let’s jump back a couple years and work our way forward.

Sometime in 2017, comedian Roylee Pate, aka Roy Lee, started going in on Beezy, stemming for his displeasure with the rapper claiming he was from Oak Cliff when the funnyman asserted that he went to school elsewhere. Here’s a video of Lee getting all fired up, egging Beezy to schedule a fight.

Fast forward to early October, 2018, the still-beefing comedian was shot in the leg, and wound up dying two weeks later, on October 13, due to a blood clot. Later that night, in the early hours of October 14, Beezy was shot eight times while driving on the Sam Rayburn Tollway.

Now, there are loads of conspiracy theory pages on YouTube and elsewhere asserting the two events were related. There’s too much of that to get in here, but the internet wormhole you can dive into on the matter is quite sizable to say the least.

With his new Beezy dissing track – conveniently released on Roy Lee’s birthday earlier this month – it’s apparent the Epic Records-signed rapper MO3 is in the camp that believes Yella was involved in some capacity in Lee’s death.

He goes in on the HITCO-signed, fellow Dallas rapper, with scathing attacks, like lines where he asks if y’all heard about the rapper that was shot on the tollway, or the bit where he says if there’s a $10K bounty on his head like he’s heard, then some shooter’s going to wind up dead.

Interestingly, neither camp is shying away from rapping about the incidents or otherwise using them for promo, with Yella Beezy even using footage of himself in the hospital in online videos.

Needless to say, things are getting scary out here, and we get the feeling this strife’s a long way from being quashed.

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