This Radiant Collaboration From Some Of Dallas’ Quickly Rising Indie Hip-Hop Artists Is Serving Up A Tall Glass Of Summertime.

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Chroma & A-Wall feat. Pretty Boy Aaron – “Lemonade”
RIYL: Something certified fresh.
What Else You Should Know: A group of some of the most exciting young talent in North Texas joined forces for a super-collaboration of Dallas indie hip-hop, and it’s a banger.

“Lemonade” opens with its chorus of “Don’t make me waste my time/For some lemonade baby/For some lemonade,” from indie collective Chroma’s Bleu Santana and is punctuated with a reflexive “Ahh.” And while that might seem a little too on-the-nose, it matches the bright, upbeat track quite deliciously.

The first verse from A-Wall, who you have likely heard before on one of my weekly playlists, begins with a cherubic tone floating into a brief flow of “Sorry sweetie I ain’t mean it/Got withdrawals, I been fiendin’/I just need another day/So I could taste that lemonade.” This is directly chased by a verse from Pretty Boy Aaron, whose distinctly deep albeit affable vocal style glides quite nicely in contrast to the otherwise glossy, well-produced track — a testament to the beaming chemistry brewing among this crew. 

When you think the song can’t be elevated any further, Chroma member Kalid Abdul takes it to the bridge with a full, pitch-shifted verse entirely in Spanish. Abdul’s delivery comes across as almost innocent and lovesick, but is nothing short of a brilliant closing.

Often on a stacked collaboration like this does one person steal the show, leaving you fast-forwarding to their verse nearly every time. “Lemonade” never tilts into such lopsided territory, though. The song feels decidedly fresh and maybe even a little campy — perfect for sending the summer off right.

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