On Monday Night, The Bar Staffs at Cedars Social and Smyth Staged a Walk-Out.

Just after 9 p.m. on Monday night, bartenders from Cedars Social and Smyth gathered around at a certain Greenville Avenue pub, openly pondering their future.

Earlier in the evening, their combined staffs had walked out in unison from their collective posts, effectively shutting down two of Dallas’ most-respected mixology-inclined spots at the flick of a switch. Both spaces — each to date helmed from behind the bar by Dallas cocktail mastermind and enthusiast Michael Martensen — now seem mostly without staff.

Citing creative differences, the workers said that things had come to a philosophical business crest at their South Lamar Street and reservation-only Travis Street workplaces, that a final straw had been pulled.

Details are hardly specific at the moment; the combined staffs promise a press release coming possibly as soon as Tuesday, one aimed at formally announcing their decision to jump ship. But the workers — talkative, yet preferring not to be directly quoted individually for the time being — were quick to reassure that their departure had been a “singular motion.” The bartenders also teased the likelihood of upcoming pop-up bar events as they search, perhaps together, for new work homes.

Crazy night. More news as it comes…

Update at 3:31 p.m. on Tuesday, November 19: Cedars Social and Smyth owner Brian Williams has now formally announced Martensen’s departure from the above entities. Says Williams in a statement acquired by D Magazine: “I am announcing with a bit of sadness, that Michael Martensen has left The Cedars Social, Smyth, and soon to open The Establishment to move on to his own endeavors. We are grateful for everything that Michael has done to make us the success that we are and wish him the very best. We are positive that his new ventures will continue to bring him all of the continued success that he deserves and we support his decision 100%. The Cedars Social, Smyth and The Establishment will continue our commitment to serving exceptional drinks and providing a superior experience for our guests. In the meantime, I chose to close Smyth for only a week to retool and bring in additional bartenders and management.”

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