Exclusive: Easy Slider Is Opening A Brick-and-Mortar Restaurant In Deep Ellum, Possibly By Winter.

The burger lists in this town — and there are tons of them — are all flawed.

I think the institutional anti-mobilism of the food industry is to blame, personally. It’s the only possible explanation as to why so few of these lists ever even bother to mention the Easy Slider crew and its disproportionately delectable handheld burgers. Ask anyone with working tastebuds and even the slightest progressive food service stance; they’ll tell you that these Davids can — and do — stand toe-to-toe with any Dallas burger Goliath.

Alas, the man can keep Easy Slider down no longer: Last month, Easy Slider co-owners Caroline Perini and Miley Holmes signed a lease with Deep Ellum property management company 42 Real Estate to open up shop in the currently vacant confines of 2701 Main Street, just catty corner from Pecan Lodge.

This is pretty epic news, you guys! But, also, it follows form with Easy Slider’s trajectory. After launching its first truck onto the Dallas-Fort Worth streets in December 2011, Holmes and Perini christened a second truck in November 2012 and, more recently, added a third truck in September 2014 so as to keep up with demands for such EST-specific creations as the Sweet & Lowdown and the Nutty Pig. A brick-and-mortar location is just a logical next step.

“It was either a fourth truck or a restaurant,” Perini says of the move, which she admits falls in line with Easy Slider’s earliest ambitions. “The first idea was always a restaurant. Then we just fell in love with the food truck concept.”

Opening up shop in Deep Ellum — in the former home of an old book-binding company, right next to the also-en-route barbershop-cum-speakeasy High & Tight — affords Perini and Holmes the chance to give that initial dream a go, even as they plan to continue operating their trucks across the region just as they have been. The formula won’t change much at the restaurant, either: Sliders will still dominate the lunch, dinner and, yes, late-night (as late as 3 or 4 a.m., Perini says) menus — although they’ll be joined here by new “southern-inspired bar snacks” and a full bar. Plans for the spot, which could seat as many as 70 inside, also call for an outdoor patio that could seat another 70 and a design that follows Easy Slider’s already-in-place vintage Americana design theme.

Perhaps, though, that’s all getting a little ahead of the ball. Construction has yet to start on the space. Perini says that should be beginning in the coming months, though. Tentatively, she and Holmes are aiming for a late 2015/early 2016 opening.

“Once the fall starts to roll, I hope it’ll be a fast process,” she says.

That makes, well, all of us, I guess.







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