Oak Highlands Is Hosting A POG Tournament In Honor Of Its New POG-Themed Beer.

People had probably been saying it for several decades already, but the first time I ever heard anyone use the phrase “playing for keeps,” was in 1994, out behind Lyndon Baines Johnson Elementary School in Grand Prairie, only moments before losing my first batch of POGs in short order.

For a minute there, you might recall, those little milk caps that took their names from a Hawaiian passion fruit/orange/guava drink were all the rage. Then came the fistfights, the principals worried they were encouraging gambling on their campuses and the nationwide bans that pretty much killed the POG industry quicker than that kiosk in Six Flags Mall could transform into a Sunglass Hut.

Well, until this weekend at least, when Dallas’ Oak Highlands Brewery hosts its first POG tournament to celebrate the release of its new POG Slammer brew, made with — you guessed it! — passion fruit, orange and guava.

The first 64 entrants at noon this Saturday, May 28, will have the honor of competing in the tournament. POGs will be provided, although you’re free to bring whatever lucky limited edition Power Rangers sawblade caps you feel the need to for nostalgia reasons.


















































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