Comedy Central Series Featuring Erykah Badu Music Already Has Second Season, Premieres September 14.

Back in April, when we told you that Erykah Badu would be serving as the music supervisor for the new animated Comedy Central series Legends of Chamberlain Heights, we also told you that the cable network was apparently so high on the series from Carl Jones (Black Dynamite, The Boondocks) that it was considering picking up the show for a second season before the first one ever even ran.

Turns out, that was very much the case: In late July, Comedy Central officially confirmed at Comic-Con in San Diego that it had ordered a second run of the series, saying “This show pushes the envelope far enough to warrant a second season before season one even airs.”

In April, Badu’s beau Jones described the series to us as centering around a group of three friends who are “legends only in their own minds. They sit on the bench on their basketball team, but they also kind of sit on the bench of life.”

With the release of a new trailer previewing the first season, we can now get a better sense of what he meant by that.

Jones further described the series to us as “South Park meets Fat Albert.” As for Badu’s involvement, she’s been tasked with creating various sonic cues from scratch to both match and sometimes set the tone of the series, said Jones.

“The dope thing is we’re getting a sound that’s totally unique from most shows — and not just animated shows,” Jones told us in April. “She’s giving the show such a unique fingerprint. From a creative standpoint, it’s cool to get an original Badu sound. It gives the show a certain charm. It’s amazing, man. She’s incredible. I feel like the sky’s the limit for her. She should be scoring feature films. She has such a sense of story; it’s just something that’s innate to her. I don’t think anyone’s ever seen a show scored like this. She’s such a huge component to the show. It’ll be such a visual and audio experience.”

Here’s looking forward to hearing that for ourselves when Season One of Legends of Chamberlain Heights premieres after South Park on Wednesday, September 14.

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