The 10 Best Iced Coffees In And Around Dallas.

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Hotter weather means colder coffee. It's nature's way. And while there are a litany of spots throughout the Greater Dallas area where you can get your iced coffee fix, some of these places, it must be said, offer substantially better options than others.

With that in mind, we've done you the solid of ranking our favorite places to check out during summer's sweltering embrace. You're welcome.

10. West Oak Coffee Bar.
Although it's one of the newest places on this list, West Oak has earned a well-deserved spot on our cold brew radar. While there are a few contenders in Denton's burgeoning coffee scene — and particularly on the Square — it's the cold brew chocolate milk that keeps drawing us to this pseudo-retro coffee joint. As we said when we last checked in on the place, “both its cold brew and chocolate milk [are] on tap, so ordering the chocolate milk cold brew is as simple as asking for the two together. For people already prone to adding cream and sugar to their iced coffee, it's a viable option and a nice change of pace. The chocolate milk is rich and creamy, but not so sweet as to overpower the taste of the coffee. Actually, as we've seen elsewhere, the chocolate brings out the natural cocoa flavors of the cold brew while simultaneously enhancing the bright and more-citrus-oriented flavors of the coffee. You can add more sweetener, if you so choose, but you most likely won't need it.”

9. Houndstooth.
Houndstooth almost functions on a higher echelon than its in-town. That's the goal, at least: The shop's entire design is meant to promote the coffee experience as a whole. This means that something as simple as iced coffee is handled with the best intentions and forethought. Here, Houndstooth serves coffees from its own Dallas-based roasting company, Tweed, which guarantees a clean, fresh taste with each cup.

8. Ascension.
Design District.
There are many reasons why this Oak Lawn destination has become a city-wide institution, but the iced coffee is what we'll focus on for now. There are two options worth keeping in ind here: the Kyote brew and cold brew. As we said before, “the Kyoto brew is a growing trend in Dallas coffee, but the coffee Ascension produces is unique because they use slightly aged coffee that almost mimics an aged whiskey. The cold brew, meanwhile, has an opposing, concentrated taste with a lighter body that makes it a little better suited for adding cream and sugar. The coffee taste remains consistent, even after the ice melts.”

7. The Wild Detectives.
Oak Cliff.
The beans are delivered by Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters from just a few blocks away, and there's just something about the way The Wild Detectives does its cold brew that stands out from others in the growing coffee mecca that is the Bishop Arts District. Their simple method of brewing coffee at double strength gives off the same concentrated flavor as most cold brew methods — but without the sludgy aftertaste. As we wrote previously on the drink: “It's bright and smooth, with an almost maple-like taste that's perfect for the season.”

6. Coffee House Cafe.
Far North Dallas.
This Far North Dallas spot is already something of a hidden gem, and now you can order its offerings via drive-through. So you have no excuse not to try one of this place's two different cold brew methods — a 12-hour Kyoto brew or your choice of vanilla- and caramel-flavored options that play on the coffee's natural sweetness.

5. Full City Rooster.
The Cedars.
Full City Rooster may be one of the best Dallas coffee shops you're not trying. Granted, you've got some excuses: Its inconspicuous location in The Cedars is fairly inconspicuous and its hours are, at best, exclusive. But at Full City, these factors only take the monotony out of the typical coffee routine. It's worth the trip, to be sure. The cold brew concentrate they serve here is made with a blend of African, Central American and Indonesian coffees, pulling out the best aspects of each region. Better yet, the coffee is smooth, bright and bold with a unique aftertaste, perfect for black coffee drinkers. Oh, and if you can't make your way out to this hidden coffee cove, you can find bottles of the cold brew at other locations throughout the city, too.

4. Cultivar.
White Rock Lake/Denton.
Cultivar has been an area staple since 2009 with locations now in Dallas and Denton alike. So it's only natural that this cherished spot makes our list. But that inclusion's not just bowing to tradition: The cold brew you find here is bright with chocolate notes and feels more caffeinated than its counterparts around town. It's light on the palate, too, providing all the refreshment of a summer drink without sacrificing the elements that make a great coffee.

3.Murray Street Coffee.
Deep Ellum.
The brief scare of this Deep Ellum institution almost closing has only made us appreciate its offerings that much more. Murray Street's a treasure — and one of the few remaining old-school, local shops that hasn't given into newer coffee trends. Here, their cold brew servings come from the iced toddy method, meaning a concentrate is brewed for multiple hours using a rotating bean selection. As we said previously, “the coffee concentrate is bold, but naturally sweet with a smooth and clean aftertaste, and no sludgy after effects.”

2. Noble Coyote.
All Over Town.
There aren't many places left in the city where you can't find beans from this husband-and-wife success story in use. But this team's about more than just bean supply: Through their nitrogen taps, brew variation know-how and even popsicle version, all of which can be enjoyed across town, there's just no wrong way to consume this iced coffee.

1. Weekend.
Choosing the Number One slot on a list of worthy competitors is no easy feat, but there's something about the cold brew at The Joule's Weekend spot that stands out. Maybe it's their potent variation of tower extraction. Or maybe it's the fact that you can buy 16-ounce glass bottles for later consumption. Regardless, we're head over heels for Weekend's cold brew: It's heavy but smooth, and it boasts a natural sweetness that makes for a downright blissful indulgence. Finally, a reason to go Downtown in the daylight hours.

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