The Dallas Bar, Restaurant And Fitness Studio Co-Owner Talks Pandemic Business Decisions And The Lawsuit He’s Filed Against Gov. Abbott & TABC.

On Thursday night, we caught up with Brandon Hays — co-owner of Dallas bars High Fives, The Whippersnapper and Tiny Victories, restaurants Alice and Ferris Wheelers, and fitness studio Session Pilates — for a few reasons.

For one thing, considering his broad portfolio, we were curious how he, the many businesses he operates and his companies’ collective 150 employees have been dealing with the shifting economics we’re all enduring as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and if there were lessons he learned in one lane that he was applying to this others.

But, mostly, we wanted to speak to Hays about the lawsuit that he and some of his other area bar-owning peers have filed against Gov. Abbott and the TABC for singling out bars in their most recent coronavirus shutdown orders.

Fortunately, Hays was game to openly discuss all of the above, leading to a revealing conversation about the intricacies of all his operations are dealing with at the moment.

Hit play to gain some knowledge.

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