Fort Worth Photographer And Videographer Tyler Germaine Doesn’t Think It Gets Much Better Than Sharing Plates At This Nontraditional Chinese Destination.

Welcome to a new pandemic-era series on Central Track called Photographers On Food, in which provide various Dallas-area photographers a small budget with which to buy themselves takeout or delivery from a local restaurant they love, and then ask that they shoot that order in a creative way before chowing down. In publishing these photos, we hope to to help keep food on the table of local photographers and to highlight some great area dining establishments that are working through these times the best we can.  

Fort Worth photographer and videographer Tyler Germaine has made a name for himself over the past few years for melding mediums and aesthetics alike in his work.

So, naturally, it makes sense that he’s big into sharing. That’s why he decided to highlight Cannon Chinese Kitchen in Fort Worth — a nontraditional Chinese food destination big on shared plates — with his entry into this series.

He and his roommates are big fans of Cannon Chinese Kitchen, so Germaine just figured it made sense that his roommates not only share his dish with him, but also in the task of creating his photograph representing their order

Below, he shares not just the photo he came away with, but some insight into why he thinks Cannon Chinese Kitchen is representative of the best that the North Texas food world has to offer.

The Photo:

The Interview:

What restaurant did you choose?
Cannon Chinese Kitchen in Fort Worth.

Why Cannon Chinese Kitchen?
I think Fort Worth honestly has some of the best food in the country, and this place is my absolute favorite. The food is incredible — I mean, like, you-gotta-stop-and-think-about-how-good-it-is good. They serve all of it family style, which makes the whole experience more personal with the people you’re there with, and the design of the place is a visual artist’s dream. It really is the perfect place.

How about the meal? Specifically, what did you choose, and what made you pick this one?
I got Kung Pao chicken and rice, as well as some pork and leek dumplings, to share with my roommates. The dumplings are beyond mouthwatering — and, then, to finish it off with the vegetables and sauce they use in the Kung Pao? That’s a damn good time.

What’s the best memory you’ve got of this place?
Last New Year’s, my two best friends from college flew in — one from Denver and the other from Australia — for a little reunion. I wanted to take them to Cannon because they had never tried it while they lived here, and I knew the family style would be perfect since we always share our food anyways. There’s something about food that helps a memory stick around. Having my old friends back, in the city we met, eating the most delicious food on the start of a new decade — that’s something I’m not going to forget.

Why did you decide to shoot your meal this way?
I never like shooting things straight, I always want to find a little flare to add to it. This is a place my roommates’ love too, so I wanted to include them in the picture. I like the idea of stacking the food, a good time and sharing all into one pic — so I decided to do that literally. The background is meant to emulate the decor at the restaurant.

How do you feel about how the photo came out?
I’m happy with it! It took us a few tries to get it down, and we were sorta racing against the clock — we wanted to eat it before it got cold — so it turned the whole experience into a really fun challenge.

Where can people see more of what you’re working on?
My Instagram, @super_duper_tyler, is my most up to date spot right now.

Anything else that you’d like to add?
Just that Dallas-Fort Worth is so incredibly underrated in its food. I’ve been fortunate to travel around the world and the States, and I legitimately believe we have some of the most diverse and tastiest restaurants around. Go out and try a new place — and I bet you won’t be disappointed!

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