Dallas Uber Drivers Are Offering Their Services To Help Out Pokémon Go Players.

Pokémon Go‘s gameplay encourages players to stretch their legs a bit — heaven forbid. Unlike previous Pokémon titles — or most video games, really — Pokémon Go requires a little physical effort if you want to progress, namely a great deal of walking.

At first, the game appeared to be indicative of a shift. Players were initially frenzied; gathering communally by the dozens with intentions to play and share bonds. Modern gaming is already hostile towards outliers, so it’s incredibly refreshing seeing something as textbook as Pokémon create a ground of equal opportunity.

Despite that, the sheer laziness of the video game community has caught on. Players are employing life hacks like hoping on bikes just to rack up steps. Of course even that’s decent exercise. Even more shameless, some people have opted for public transit systems to catch Pokés in different neighborhoods. A select few have gone as far as to tape their cells phones to ceiling fans.

Seeing Pokémon Go’s mass local influence, experienced Uber driver Darren Rogers decided to take initiative and make some extra dough on the side. For a reasonable fee of $20, the Uber driver will take you on a personalized Pokémon Go excursion. In other words, Rogers will chauffeur you around Dallas and make various pit stops for the sake of capturing rare Pokémon.

“I actually came up with it on online news sources and other places around the world,” Rogers says.

Though Rogers hadn’t received any bookings when we spoke late last week, he’s confident his service will reach the masses of loyal Pokémon fans.

“I love the game quite a bit,” Rogers says. “I think it’s done everything it’s set out to do, at least in the beginning. I think it’s going to continue to be super successful. It’s rather hot outside but it’s only a matter of time before things start picking up.”

Rogers isn’t the first and certainly won’t be the last to impart his services. As of this writing, several similar Craiglist postings have emerged online with the same idea in mind.

Uber and Lyft drivers, it seems, are just the latest business model cashing in on the games infinite marketing opportunities. Whether you’re a hiring a driver with any real insight as to where the rare Pokémon live, or just someone piggybacking on the game’s outrageous hype to boost business is anyone’s guess.

According to Rogers, “It kinda depends on how the game updates. As it stands, there are a lot of hotspots and a lot of dry spots.”

Whatever it takes to be the very best, I guess.


















































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