A Hundred Dallas Things We’re Thankful For.

Here at Central Track HQ, it’s recently come to our attention that, while some people out there think that our “enthusiasm for Big D is almost contagious,” others (see: the always affable folks of Reddit) seem to think that we’re a bit pretentious and unappreciative of this city’s greater charms.

Well, we say phooey to all that noise. We just call ’em like we see ’em, as we see ’em.

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And, at the moment, we just so happen to be in a thankful mood. Hey, it is the season, after all.

To that end, we’ve collected the below list of 100 Dallas things we’re thankful for — y’know, the items, treats, movements, occurrences and people we’re legitimately and honestly pleased to claim as part of this city.

While perusing this collection, we’d ask that those who think we’re too enthusiastic about this place and those who who think we’re too unappreciative of it each keep something in mind: Along with the following things, we’re also thankful for you.

Yes, all of you.

Like I said, we’re in a thankful mood. — Pete Freedman

1. ZaLat, the best drunk food spot in town, takes orders by text. And, not only that, but they also respond to our drunk 3 a.m. texts with witty banter of their own before bringing food to help us sober up.
2. All the spillover shows that Dallas gets from those big Austin music festivals, which in turn keep us from actually having to drive down to and visit Austin.
3. We’re not the biggest dicks in town.
4. People who get our sense of humor.
5. Dallas’ developing coffee culture.
6. Our mayor, unlike our governor isn’t xenophobic.
7. The bands who tour through town and let us snoop through their vans even when their publicists didn’t warn them we’d be doing so.
8. That it’ll be a long time before we have to write another article about how Deep Ellum is coming back.
9. The fact that Dallas’ cycling situation, while still not great, is improving
10. The awesome vegan brunch menu at Sundown.
11. Local beer that’s actually good.
12. The shift that’s seen the Design District become a brewery hub.
13. That there’s so many beautiful fucking food dishes in this town.
14. Our beloved Tony Romo is finally healthy. (Update: Welp, nevermind.)
15. Erykah Badu for always being Erykah Badu.
16. That Skylar Diggins is on the way.
17. Leon Bridges, who is still the truth.
18. That, at certain times around these parts, great tattoos can come cheap.
19. The great Tyler Seguin and amazing Jamie Benn are only 23 and 26, respectively.
20. Dirk.
21. Bravo finally acknowledging that Dallas is every bit the world-class city that Potomac is.
22. The never-ending line at Pecan Lodge is finally starting to become pretty reasonable.
23. Wrestlemania is coming to town, brother!
24. That people across the country are finally starting to figure out how great Dallas hip-hop is.
25. We survived Ebola
26.and all the earthquakes
27.and the flooding
28.and even listeria.
29. That North Texas gets the widest variety of Girl Scout Cookies possible.
30. Around here, after the party, there’s always the after-party.
31. We graduated high school before before bringing clocks to school was a big deal.
32. The Katy Trail is safe again. (For now, at least.)
33. All those new Deep Ellum murals.
34. That The D.O.C. is finally getting some much-deserved shine.
35. Carl Saff, who lives in Chicago but keeps the local music scene sounding proper.
36. Mark Cuban.
37. That Mosquito Steve is here to save us all from West Nile.
38. Jordan Spieth for making golf fun again.
39. Nelson, The Golden Doodle, who is always around to remind us that we’ll never be as cool as the city’s coolest dog.
40. When people see something racist around here — we’re looking at you, SMU and Kung Fu Saloon — they speak up and set the wheels of change in motion.
41. That people in Dallas can use whichever damn bathrooms they feel most comfortable using.
42. The annual gem that is Homegrown Fest.
43. Tacos!
44. The unshakable thought in our heads that Dallas Bryant probably throws up the “X” when his owner scores a touchdown.
45. That #DallasWeek lived up to its hype and showed the Dallas hip-hop scene what can happen when people work together.
46. The weird, awesome abundance of pizza shops in Deep Ellum.
47. That Amazon will deliver your order to you within an hour.
48. Bart Reagor, who is always keeping it real.
49. Cheap eats!
50. That Jesus told a local politician that weed is natural and thus should be legal.
51. The greatness of the greasy-ass veggie burger at the Lakewood Landing.
52. Gabe Sanchez at the Black Swan Saloon, who always seems to know what we want to drink before we do.
53. Big Bang.
54. Will Evans and Deep Vellum Publishing for showing Dallasites how to be the change they want to see in the city.
55. That Centre, El Chuy, Freshmen on Varsity and other Dallas streetwear brands are around to keep us looking fresh.
56. Paletas.
57. The home away from home that is Murray Street Coffee.
58. The Wild Detectives, which has taught us the joys of getting a little tipsy and reading a great book.
59. Razor Reaugh.
60. The shockingly dope Dallas Public Library.
61. That we can hoop it up drunk at the Grapevine Bar.
62. Bar Politics.
63. That we live in a city that funds DIY parties and tape labels.
64. Our professional athletes have no shame when it comes to getting into the Halloween spirit.
65. Air conditioning.
66. That some of the trolls around here are actually hilarious and clever.
67. Meat sweats.
68. The back patio at Three Links.
69. The fact that we can all look back and laugh at #Hoodbabe.
70. That, though their sliders be but little, The Easy Slider Truck is fierce and only getting fiercer.
71. The Double Wide.
72. All the burgers.
73. That, somehow and against all odds, Off The Record brought a legit dance party vibe to weekends in Deep Ellum.
74. Josey Records for not just talking the talk, but walking the walk.
75. The rising local zine culture.
76. That, all these years later, the Old 97’s keep kicking ass.
77. That the children are our future.
78. How Good Records always somehow manages to pull a rabbit out of its hat.
79. Oak Cliff’s undying love for Selena.
80. Transmission Events, Parade of Flesh, King Camel and the many talent buyers across the city that so consistently fill our town’s music venues with rad shows.
81. The fact that the Omni Hotel doesn’t speak, but always manages to say the right thing.
82. The many people around here who inspire us to do great things.
83. The Ticket.
84. That FC Dallas is saving the northern suburbs from complete embarrassment.
85. The Bomb Factory for changing the Deep Ellum concert game.
86. Power Trip.
87. That there are some seriously stylish motherfuckers around every corner in this city.
88. Punk rockers who make delicious desserts.
89. The impending arrival of cat cafes.
90. SkaterBIRD.
91. Lights All Night, which remains the biggest, baddest New Year’s Eve bash of all.
92. That Your Texas Rangers never, ever quit.
93. Gorilla Vs. Bear being based right here in Dallas and always expanding our sonic horizons.
94. That the casinos are only about an hour away.
95. The Twilite Lounge.
96. The Santa Fe Trestle Trail, which is maybe the best-kept secret in the city.
97. That people are always laughing when they hit up Good Luck Karaoke, but not because the singing is necessarily bad.
98. Sealion.
99. Our wealth of distinct and unique neighborhoods, each of which has its own flavor and appeal.
100. Deez nuts.

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