On Peeing In The Sink, Adult Babies, Olympics Overload and Whether Jury Duty Is Even Necessary.

If you’re a listener of KTCK 1310-AM or 96.7-FM, you probably feel like you already know TC Fleming and Jake Kemp well. And if you’re not a listener of The Ticket? Well, whatever. You’re about to get real familiar with these two just the same through their own channel of this podcast called It’s Just Banter. Wanna hear past episodes? You can check out IJB’s archives here and on our Soundcloud page. Wanna subscribe to the podcast on iTunes? Do so here.

Hey, it’s another live taping at Off The Record! And, boy, are we ready to feed off of that crowd energy.

Things spark up quickly, too. Right away, we get into peeing-in-the-sink talk. And, while you can’t hear this on the tape, it’s worth noting that a woman walked in right as we started talking about peeing in sinks and had a very surprised look on her face when she realized what was going on.

Speaking of surprising things: Jake is trying this week to get to the bottom of adult baby fetishes and why people keep bringing it up around him. Is there an answer to this? We’re not sure!

We’re more sure about the fact that the Olympics, while good, could be a lot better. How? We suggest adding paintball. Like, five different events of paintball. Think about it!

From there, we spend the last half of this week’s episode talking about how I was picked for a jury last week. The trial was done in a day, so we’re free to talk about all the details now. I think. If we’re not, whoops, because I did anyways. So sue me? Anyway, that whole deal was a bit of wild ride, and it also makes me think juries might be kind of a bad idea.

What do you think? — TC Fleming

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