Take Our Quiz To Find Out.

It’s a question every Dallasite asks him or herself at least once this time of year: Is this heat going to kill me or what?

The answer? It might, actually! Plenty of people have lost their lives to the Dallas heat over the years, actually. And the situation is only getting worse, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. So, no, we’re not just being dramatic when it comes to the microwave that is August. It’s a real struggle out here!

And while we’re no WebMD, we do think that our life experiences have taught us at least a thing or two about the Dallas summer heat and whether it’s veering at any point into life-threatening territory.

To that end, we’ve put together the below quiz. In it, you’ll find some questions for a proper heat self-examination — and, ultimately, the answer to whether your death is imminent.

So click play already! — Lauren Kuehmeier

Cover photo by Lauren Kuehmeier. Quiz by Allie Williamson and Lauren Kuehmeier.
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