Think You’re Good Enough At NBA 2K18 To Make The Dallas Mavericks’ Professional Squad? Here’s What You Need To Know About Tryouts.

The Dallas Mavericks may be a way’s away from winning another NBA World Championship, but the Mavs could field the first ever NBA 2K esports world champion next year.

This past summer, the NBA announced that it would be launching an NBA 2K league operated by 17 NBA organizations, and that the Mavs would be one of the founding teams. But up until this week, few details were available about the league.

Things became a little bit clearer on Tuesday, though, when the team introduced its esports team name — Mavs Gaming — and logo.

“We wanted a symbol that was unexpected, fearless, with a swagger that is rooted in our Dallas heritage,” Mark Cuban said in a statement released alongside those reveals. “We are confident that whomever we draft for our team will be proud to wear it.”

Speaking of which, you can try out to be a part of the team yourself. In a Reddit AMA last week, NBA 2K league managing director Brendan Donahue broke down how the tryout process will work:

  • First stage of qualifying for the NBA 2K League runs from January 1 through 31.
  • Hopefuls must win 50 games in NBA 2K18’s Pro-Am mode and fill out an online application by January 31 to become draft eligible.
  • Anyone with  a copy of NBA 2K18 (PlayStation 4 or Xbox One) and is at least 18 can attempt qualifying during the January qualification period.
  • NBA 2K players can compete as a walk-ons, teams or a combination of both.
  • Winning 50 games or more does not increase a player’s chances.
  • Players who pass the first round of tryouts will then be invited to a second round in February.

So there you have it. It sounds a lot easier than done but, hey, there’s never been a better time to practice your crossovers and break some digital ankles than now.

Cover image via Mavs Gaming Facebook Page.

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