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Welp, Now Good 2 Go Taco Is Closing Too. So There’s No More Denying That The Restaurant Bubble In Dallas Is Indeed Bursting, Huh?

And the hits just keep on coming. Right on the heels of this morning’s news that Henderson Avenue bar Vickery Park has suddenly closed comes the reveal that Casa Linda taco spot Good 2 Go Taco is also closing.

Here’s the official statement.

There’s no firm close date listed just yet, although the post indicates that doors will remain open for “the next few days.” After that, it’s bye-bye.

As someone who lives in this part of town and definitely relied on the recuperative powers of the hangover helper taco on more than just a handful of cloudy-headed mornings, this one comes as both a gut-punch and a total shocker, as I was never once able to get that fix without waiting in a substantial line.

Alas, as noted in today’s earlier note about Vickery Park, it indeed seems like the sky is falling and that the dining bubble around here definitely looks like it’s bursting.

One can’t help but wonder at this point: Which beloved Dallas dining institution is next?

Cover photos via Good 2 Go Taco’s Facebook page.

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