Welcome To A New Dawn In Dallas Online Media.

We don’t read newspapers any more. Do you? No way.

If you’re like us, you only use newspapers to wrap presents — and only then because you’re too cheap to buy any actual gift wrap.

Let’s face it: The game has changed. Thanks to the expensive cell phone in all of our pockets, we have access to information everywhere we go.

Enter a new player: CentralTrack.com, a new Dallas-focused publication that plans to aim its focus directly and unapologetically at the elusive 18-to-35-year-old demographic by writing about the things they’re most interested in — music, restaurants, bars, nightlife, fashion, sports, art and anything else connected to the most happening events in town on a given week — and through the online-only, social media- and mobile-ready means we all clearly prefer.

Founded by former Dallas Observer music editor Pete Freedman and in collaboration of some of Dallas’ most recognizable bloggers and social media personalities, we aim to voraciously cover Dallas’ rich cultural landscape and showcase the wonderful diversity and fascinating blend of high- and low-brow aesthetics that this city so uniquely boasts. The name Central Track, even, is a nod to as much, referencing the rail (and subsequently named neighborhood) that once separated the Downtown Dallas and Deep Ellum entertainment districts just as the city’s cultural identity was taking shape in the late 1800s.

Point is: We know what we’re talking about. We also unabashedly think that Dallas is pretty awesome.

As such, our editorial staff is committed to blending three separate ideals into one complete package — the posting frequency of news blogs, the visual aesthetic of print magazines and the hard-hitting, subversive tone of the alternative weekly press — all in the hope of bringing you the best that Dallas has to offer.

We want to present our content to you in a visually stimulating package and from a fun, thought-provoking and informed perspective. That’s our mission statement in a nutshell.

Now go meet the people in charge of fulfilling that objective. They’re all cool as shit.

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