Check Out These Funny, Cute and Awkward Valentine’s Day Cards From North Texas Artists.

Love is weird. Relationships are weird, too. And we’re saying that before we even delve into the many variations that now exist. (Thanks, hook-up culture!)

But let’s say you are in a relationship — of whatever kind. And let’s say you’d like to get your quote-unquote bae some sort of card this Valentine’s Day. Y’know, something to do the heavy lifting for you since you’re pretty goddamn horrible at verbalizing your feelings.

Well, lucky for you, some Etsy shop owners from North Texas area are here to serve up some laughs for your Valentine. And not just laughs you’d type “LOL!” at while not actually cracking a smile over, either. These are some actual, honest-to-goodness chuckle-inducing cards. And they’re deserving of your cash. Check ’em out.

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