The Armoury Is Your Newest Locale To Get Tanked Up Out On Elm Street.

Great news! Your favorite strip of bars on Elm Street just opened another haunt for you to frequent. And it’s not a piano bar, either.

The newest addition to the seemingly endless expansion of Deep Ellum’s list of bars is Armoury D.E. Located in the old Kettle Art Gallery spot, just up the street from neighborhood favorites Twilite Lounge and Black Swan Saloon, this spot won’t have any trouble fitting into the neighborhood.

The new bar is co-owned by Dan Murry, Johnny Brown, Abram Vargas and Peter Novotny, a crew that has worked in some of the most popular bars in the Metroplex. It’s experience, they say, that they’ll be able to use at this bar.

One thing is for certain: If you’ve ever been to a bar in Deep Ellum, you won’t feel the least bit out of place at Armoury. It’s pretty par-for-the-course at this point for bars in Deep Ellum to have exposed brick walls, very little natural light and dark fixtures, but the neat addition of a mural hanging above the bar brings a bit of life to the place.

“We just want to have a bar that is well-rounded, has a cool spirit and beer, wine and food program,” Novotny says. “We wanted to make a neighborhood bar that is relaxing and people want to come out to.”

Even though it took quite a while longer to open up the bar than originally anticipated — the planned opening date was supposed to be in December last year, but the bar just opened on July 21 — Novotny says the reception has been great.

The Armoury has a mix of cocktails, wine and beer to offer as well as some bar food. The are a few Hungarian-inspired dishes on the menu, as well as old standards like a burger and charcuterie.

From the interior design to the menu, Novotny says that they wanted Armoury D.E. to feel like a neighborhood bar: “I like the laid back feel to it. It’s cozy and it’s comfortable. We’re just trying to make people comfortable.”














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