A Fresh Start.

After A Short Break, Fresh 45s Returned In A Big Way As It Broke In Its New Home At Club Dada Last Night With Some Help From De La Soul’s DJ Maseo.

All photos by Karlo X. Ramos.

After a couple months away, Fresh 45s returned in a big way last night by kicking off a new run in a new Deep Ellum home.

When active, the event — featuring resident DJs Spinderella, JT Donaldson, Jay Clipp, 5-D and Luke Sardello and host Leo J of Too Fresh Productions — is among the unique monthly DJ parties Dallas boasts, and not just because of the talents and, in at one case, unquestioned legendary status of its masterminds. As its name implies, the DJs at Fresh 45s solely spin 45 RPM records during their sets at this hip-hop party that was originally launched at Crown & Harp, taking the return-to-form trend of DJs performing vinyl-only sets around town even a step farther. 

And, last night, as the event broke in its new home at Club Dada, it was indeed active. To celebrate the party’s return, the resident crew had a special guest DJ joining their ranks — DJ Maseo of De La Soul. Spinning before a packed house, Maseo dropped a ton of classics throughout his set, but hardly stayed in the hits lane, frequently dropping cuts just because he knew a certain beat would get the crowd moving as he wanted them too. And boy did they.

That was the modus operandi of every DJ who spun on this night, actually. And the smiles flashed both on stage and out on the dancefloor made it clear: Fresh 45s’ return is a welcome one, for sure.

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