Spike Lee Taps Buffalo Black Song To Soundtrack Trailer For Da Sweet Blood of Jesus.

We’ve known since March that Buffalo Black’s “Enter The Void” — one of our favorite songs of 2013, mind you — was going to be in Spike Lee’s take on his Kickstarer-funded not-quite-vampire movie Da Sweet Blood of Jesus. What we didn’t know, what we couldn’t have possibly known, not until yesterday at least when the thing finally went live, was that the song had also been chosen as the backing track for the film’s trailer.

Check it out.

And, since we’re on the subject, listen to the song in full, too.

The film is now available for purchase or rental on Vimeo right here.

And, obviously, this a pretty huge score for Buffalo Black. I mean, maybe it’s not quite on the level of how Symbolyc One’s beat for Kanye’s “Power” has been used in the of Limitless, Broken City and The Social Network trailers plus countless other TV spots, video games and Internet memes, but, hey, it’s a fine, fine start.

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