George W. Bush’s Next Book Will Have More Pictures Than Words.

Looks like Dallas’ highest-paid painter — and Preston Hollow’s most famous resident — will further raise his artistic profile in a few short months.

On February 28, George Bush will release a new book of his portraits, reports the Associated Press. As that’s Veteran’s Day, it’s a fitting release date for the collection, which will feature 66 Dubya-crafted portraits of military servicemen and women. Titled Portraits of Courage: A Commander in Chief’s Tribute to America’s Warriors, the book will also “have stories written by Bush in ‘his inimitable voice’ about each of the subjects,” says the Crown Publishing Group behind it.

But are Bush’s paintings any good? Kinda! Not even New York Magazine art critic Jerry Saltz can hate, as he told CNN a few years back:

You can judge these most recent works for yourself by seeing them in person just a few days after the book’s release when they go on display at the Bush Center on the SMU campus from March 2 through early October.

Just be sure to download digital artist Ellen Chenoweth’s app when you go, so you can get an augmented reality supplement of information about Bush’s presidency that isn’t included in the library. Perspective is important in art and in history alike.

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