Get Your Pies-In-Jars Fix Anytime When Kessler Pie Co. Opens its Permanent Pickup Location.

During a recent brunch in Bishop Arts one Sunday afternoon, the nearby commotion of a pop-up flea market caught our eye. At this regular Urban Bazaar event, dozens of little tents created a giant community of local vendors specializing in everything from geode jewelry to cement pottery to air plants and succulents.

So. Many. Succulents.

But no shop or set up quite stood out like the Kessler Pie Co. and its dessert-filled jars.


The set up was as creative and eye-catching as the idea of the pies themselves. Outside of the makeshift pie store counter was a bright blue mini paleta cart donning “Kessler Pie Co.” in gorgeous hand painted script, capturing the attention of adults and children alike.

Kessler Pie Co. was founded by Armida Ortega and her daughters, Debrah Cano and cool stylist Miriam Ortega, who also owns Studio 410. After 20 years of catering experience, the family decided to launch Kessler Pie Co. in 2015.

But these aren’t your grandma’s pies. Anything but traditional, Kessler’s pies are baked into cute little jars. More than just looking adorable, the jars are a pretty functional element as well.


“Our jars are versatile as they fit in your purse, pocket or picnic basket — unlike a full pie where you have to figure out how to transport, along with plates, forks and napkins,” Miriam says. “They’re a kickass, genius idea and simply convenient! Jars have a million uses after you enjoy your pie — there’s ‘life after pie!’ Our overall theme is that we’re serious about having fun with pies and introducing Oak Cliff and the surrounding areas to a new way of eating them.”

Gorgeous as they are, it’d be all for naught if the stuff inside the jar wasn’t just as delicious as it looks from the outside. Fortunately, they’re fantastic — so good you’ll have to wake up pretty early, at least for now, to have your pick at these pop-up events. During our first visit to the stand, we managed to snag the last Thanksgiving Pie on hand. You can’t go wrong with a good ol’ comfort dish like a savory white wine-infused turkey pot pie.


The thing that puts these pies over, both the sweet and savory kinds, is the crust. Every living and breathing creature with a pulse knows that’s what really makes or breaks any pie, and Kessler Pie Co.’s crust, which Miriam tells us is packed with “family, loyalty, originality and love,” is deliciously savory and unbelievably flaky. Better yet, it’s mess-free thanks to its in-jar home. So convenient.

Even more convenient: A permanent Kessler Pie Co. pickup location is set to open at 416 North Tyler Street in Oak Cliff later this month. In the meantime, you can place your orders online with 24 hours’ notice. If you live within 15 miles of that location, you also qualify for free delivery. And if you bring your jars back, you get $2 off your next order.

Pretty sweet, huh?


















































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