Deep Ellum Caught Three Links’ Staff Infection.

The Deep Ellum Venue’s Lineup Of Acts Featuring Its Own Staff Members Made For An Excellent, Uncontrollable  Epidemic Of Local Talent.

Photos by Mike Brooks and Victoria Crocker.

Deep Ellum’s Staff Infection show at Three Links couldn’t be contained this weekend, as anyone ebbing down Elm Street at any point between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m. this past Friday and Saturday could hear the various acts made up of Three Links staff permeating the row.

Friday Night’s contagion started off with the “death pop” duo of Slow Seers followed by an ear-punching set from Whep. The night’s tenacity continued throughout the night as the bar was set even higher by all-women punk group Lizzie Boredom as it burned down the stage with guitar licks and pocket snare hits. Loafers, whose drummer Adam Locklear organized the event to celebrate the talent of the venue’s staff, took the stage adorned in matching Barf Wave Records t-shirts brought the crowd barreling back in from the patio. Closing the night was a raucous set from notable indie-punk band Sealion, as the crowd sang along while moshing filled the room.

Just one night later, the full moon was out and with it came aggressively great sets from Tree, locally grown punk band From Parts Unknown and cover acts like Dmox, Androgynous, Deadbeat Club and The Darned — the latter of which featured its singer donning a black cape and painted white face with blacked out eyes.

Though both evenings were packed tight with infectious energy, none of it was unfamiliar to the Three Links legacy carried through its staff.

Cover photo of Loafers by Mike Brooks.

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