Feels Like Everyone’s Getting Their COVID-19 Vaccinations These Days, But Here’s What Each Astrological Sign Is Really Injecting Into Their Veins.

Even if you’re one of those adamant horoscope deniers — yes, Taurus folks, we’re looking at you — we here at Central Track, since our earliest days as a website, have long chosen to believe that one’s zodiac sign really does say a lot about a person. For more Zodiac content, peep our Dallastrology archives.

It’s really starting to feel like there’s finally a little light at the end of the coronavirus tunnel, ain’t it? Sure is!

But before we start patting one another’s backs too much, we should probably maintain six feet of distance between each other for at least a little while longer. Truth is, despite the fact that Gov. Greg Abbott has dropped his statewide mask mandate and allowed area businesses to open back up to 100 percent capacity, we’ve still got a bit of a ways to go before the pandemic stops messing with Texas.

At the time of this writing, 22 percent of the state’s population has received its first vaccine dose and 11 percent of the population is fully vaccinated, making Texas currently ranked 50th out of 59 U.S. states, territories and protectorates in terms of vaccination inoculation among its residents.

Truth is, many of us are still going to have to wait some time before our numbers are called and the vaccines get injected into our veins. Not our elected officials, though! Abbott got his vaccine all the way back in December. And Dallas mayor Eric Johnson? He got his first poke way back in January.

Hoping you won’t have to wait much longer for your doses? Well, consider the fact that Aries season is all about firsts, and about being courageous enough to confront new challenges. In other words: As you get prepared to be jabbed with a Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson or (soon enough) AstraZeneca vaccine, take heart in knowing that, for once, the stars are on your side.

But what about some personality traits that could be injected into your veins alongside these vaccines? Well, no need to look to the stars for those. Just scroll on to the content down below.













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