Checking Out The Premiere of ABC’s Dallas-Set GCB.

Last night at 9 p.m. CST, ABC finally rolled out its new Dallas-set series, GCB, and the Darren Star-produced dramedy starring Kristen Chenoweth, Leslie Bibb and Annie Potts — primed to replace Desperate Housewives on the station’s Sunday night primetime lineup — was every bit the hokey mess it had been anticipated as being.

The accents were inaccurate and atrocious, the fashion gaudy and overbearing, and the overall look of our city was once again tarnished.


Such appears Dallas’ new lot in life with GCB, all these reality shows and the coming-this-summer relaunch of Dallas, all of which seem dead-set on portraying Dallas as the cowtown it isn’t.

Oh well!

Hey, maybe it’s not all that bad. There were, after all, a few things we actually enjoyed about the GCB premiere.

The positives:
– Jokes about Fort Worth
– Jokes about Waxahachie
– Jokes about the people who live immediately under the flight patterns out by Love Field.
– Jokes about white Dallasites never using I-20.
– The constant referencing of Neiman Marcus.
– The fact that the main family supposedly lives on Swiss Avenue (even though, really, they should live out in the Park Cities).
– All the shots of Downtown.
– The accurate referring to the Fair Park Ferris wheel as the Texas Star.
– The family dogs named “Tony” and “Romo.”

There were things we didn’t like, too, though.

The negatives:
– Everything else.

Here’s hoping this series gets better with age.

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