The Visitor Bureau’s BIG Campain Isn’t Going Anywhere.

Those big, blue “B” and “G” letters you’ve been seeing all around town these past few months? They’re not going anywhere any time soon, turns out.

In fact, Phase One of the Dallas Convention & Visitor’s Bureau’s March-launched “DallasBIG” campaign — the people’s choice photo contest, in which Dallasites were encouraged to snap pics of themselves acting a fool and serving as the “I” in the stereotypical descriptor so often applied to our city — is only just now wrapping up.

But there are more plans for these signs on the way: During Phase Two, the DCVB will start to unveil some custom sets of these big 51-pound letters, of which 23 pairs already exist. The first such example of this customization? A big pink set of “B” and “G” letters outside Mary Kay World Headquarters Building. In the near future, Oak Lawn will get their own custom, rainbow-colored letters to show off, too.

And, turns out, this is just the start of the customization process in store for these installations. In the coming months, DCVB will start seeking out local artists and asking them to add their own personal flair to groups of letters that will be posted up at various locations throughout the city.

“We would work with an artists or multiple artists and actually have them paint [the letters],” says Kim Sullivan, PR and outreach manager for the Dallas CVB. “Or whatever their creativity would be with the B&G [canvas].”

Already, Sullivan adds, the campaign being viewed as a big (pun intended) success. She has a point, these constantly moving letters, 14 pairs of which are currently scattered throughout town, are very making their way into the daily lives of Dallasites. A week or so ago, the letters saw their first marriage proposal. Other, less serious types, have been using the letters for more sophomoric, bathroom-related efforts (see above cover photo).

Point is: These letters are here to stay for the foreseeable future. Get used to seeing them, if, granted, in possibly different shades.

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