[Photos] Dallas’ First-Ever Dia De Los Muertos Parade.

Downtown Dallas’ Debut Dia De Los Muertos Festivities Drew A Diverse And Dedicated Crowd Of Thousands On Saturday Afternoon.

From the beginning, Downtown Dallas’ first-ever Dia De Los Muertos parade had ambitious expectations, looking to draw tens of thousands of North Texans into the city for what organizers hoped would immediately be the largest such affair in Texas.

While organizers have yet to reveal hard attendance figures for this past Saturday afternoon’s festivities, it’d be tough to consider its debut as anything less than a roaring success. It easily filled Dallas City Hall Plaza to its brim with Latinx pride as thousands of revelers of all ages and races took part in the celebration, in which participants celebrated the lives of their loved lost ones with honor and good spirit.

As the above slideshow hopefully shows, the festivities’ spiritual, energetic and colorful vibes shined brightly everywhere you looked on Saturday — in the costumes donned and makeup worn by its many eager attendees, and also in the smiles spreading across their joyous faces.

We’re already looking forward to next year’s (sure-to-come) second-annual offering, frankly.

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