Greenville Avenue Pizza Company To Add Second Location, Its First Not On Greenville Avenue.

More proof that Casa Linda could be the next Dallas neighborhood to blow: Greenville Avenue Pizza Company is now going to be joining the party.

Following in the pioneering footsteps of Good 2 Go Taco, 20 Feet Seafood Joint and Goodfriend Beer Garden & Burger House (and the more-recent openings of Cow Tipping Creamery, Cultivar Coffee Bar & Roaster and Goodfriend Package), the pizza shop — objectively one of the best in the city and, in this writer’s opinion, home of the best meatball sub in Dallas city limits — is slated to open up a Casa Linda shop this fall, near the intersection of Peavy and Garland.

The new spot will be GAPCo’s second-ever location, as well as its first off of the road for which it was named. It will be housed in the former home of a tattoo parlor, right within same Peavy Plaza strip that houses Goodfriend Package, the underrated taqueira El Ranchito No. 3 and Peavy Wash & Dry, which is low-key the best laundromat in the city (free dryers and Wi-Fi). The spot won’t be huge — just 1,000 square feet, according to the announcement press release, as the spot aims to mostly focus on pick-up orders — but it will be open daily from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m., opening up the late-night dining options in an area that could desperately use it. Also: They’ll serve beer and wine.

For those playing Gentrification Bingo at home, Casa Linda is now just a solid dive bar, a wine bar, an art gallery and a music venue away from completely filling up its card.


















































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