With All The Financial Hardships Piling On And Dwindling Ad Sales, Our Publication Is Up For Sale. Keep Central Track Alive. Buy Us.

Dear Central Track Readers,

You have stuck by our side for the past six months, while we, Stephanie and Frances, have taken over the best arts and culture publication in the city. We couldn’t have been more excited and blessed to have the opportunity to keep the spirit of Central Track alive with the voices and perspectives of this generation of creatives. 

We have given you stories of beloved Dallas icons, continued to highlight the music scene and showed you the city’s hidden gems that we think are worth talking about. We have done so with a handful of ride-or-die freelancers and award-winning student journalists.

Things are going great and they’re getting better. We have many things up our sleeves that we have yet to show you, but we’re afraid we might not get to them.

Local journalism, among other things, has been affected by the ongoing pandemic. Even now, two years later, we are hanging on by a thread. We have done all we could to keep Central Track running, but we’ve run out of options now. 

Your generous support through Patreon has kept things afloat, but to be transparent, advertisements are the main thing that keeps our lights on and the site paywall-free. Central Track has been struggling to secure sales. Content-wise, we’ve been killing it according to readers, but our passion and hustle can only go so far in this money-run world. 

We’ve been captaining a slowly sinking ship this past half of a year and the time has come to source out an entrepreneur who has the money and the interest of owning this badass publication. 

This is the official announcement – Central Track is for sale. 

If you’re interested in buying us, please contact our founder Pete, at pete [at] centraltrack [dot] com. 


Central Track Staff

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