Take A Bite Out Of Some Of The Best Burger Restaurants In The Dallas-Fort Worth Area With These Beefed-Up, Black-Owned Businesses.

As we now know four months into this pandemic, COVID-19 is disproportionately affecting people of color in a multitude of ways — one of the biggest being economically. Systematically, black and brown bodies are shoved into neighborhoods that are economically unfounded and often in food deserts with little to no regard for food insecurity

After Latinos, African-Americans are the second most Coronavirus-affected community. On top of that, Black-owned businesses have been put at a severe disadvantage due to the pandemic, and many may not be able to bounce back from the financial toll this has taken on small businesses.

In efforts to fight this, a popular tool amid the pandemic — and to a further degree the shifting cultural climate — is the downloading of apps that are essentially directories of Black-owned businesses. A prominent app for finding new food is EatOkra, which highlights Dallas as a popular food destination where users can search for a variety of everything from Vegan eats to Soul food. In times of racially-conscious consumerism, apps like these go a long way in helping to keep Black-owned businesses afloat during this time of uncertainty. 

Another favorite among such apps is, of course, burgers, and Dallas is not in short supply of eateries offering up some of the best. The tasty spots listed below are worth the hype that Dallasites seem to praise with every bite. 

Wayback Burgers (Farmer’s Branch)

Wayback Burgers is a franchise with locations stretching across the world from the Netherlands to Africa. However, the Farmers Branch location is Black-owned. Wayback offers a wide selection of burgers along with chicken sandwiches and a ton of sides to share — the onion rings are a must-try. Currently, they are only open for takeout. 


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Brickhouse Burgers

Brickhouse Burgers is a little burger spot hidden away in a shopping center on Skillman street. This joint offers a wide variety of burgers and sandwiches to pick from, including vegetarian-friendly choices like black bean patties. Craving something sweet after? Try one of the restaurant’s lauded Mega-Milkshakes like the Candy Crush. For now, Brickhouse is are only open for takeout. 


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BurgerIM is a franchise across America with a location in the historic West End owned by Wesley Williams. BurgerIM has a wide variety of specialty burgers like the Hawiian Salmon burger and the Falafel burger. For the less adventurous eaters, there’s also a build-your-own burger with seven different options, including vegan patties, as well as a gluten-free bun. At this time, BurgerIM is only open for takeout and delivery at this time. 


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Fatburger (North Richland Hills)

Fatburger is a franchise with locations across the country, but the North Richland Hills location is Black-owned. As the name suggest, this spot has a wide variety of “fat” burgers. Fatburger also offers vegan and vegetarian patties, as well as vegan milkshakes for the dairy-free crowd. This restaurant is open in all capacities right now. 


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Wingfield’s Burgers is tucked into an unsuspecting little spot in Oak Cliff, and is known for serving an iconic duo of breakfast and burgers. Open since the ’80s, this Dallas food institution is a must-have among the North Texas food scene. Aside from the thick and juicy burger selection, eaters rave about the thirst-quenching lemonade. 


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Jimmy’s Big Burgers (Arlington)

Jimmy’s franchise may not be Black-owned, but the Arlington location certainly is! This outpost offers up to 25 different types of burgers to pick from, as well as a chicken-based options and a hefty selection of sides. Regulars gush about the homemade taste and generous potions. Jimmy’s is only open for takeout at the moment. 


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The Coaches Box

Though it’s a small hike out to Duncanville, The Coaches Box is a hidden gem worth the trek. The restaurant doubles as a sports bar and boasts a huge menu with wide selections of burgers, wings and sandwiches. Currently, though, it is only open for takeout. 


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Also out in Duncanville is Hav-R-Charburger, a vibrant, artful diner crafting the best of American cuisine in classic char burgers, chicken tenders and hot dogs. Though it’s known for long wait times, that hasn’t stopped Hav-R-Charburger from being a Dallas-area favorite. Besides, isn’t that the sign of a meal well worth it? Due to the pandemic this joint is only open for takeout and delivery. 


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BlackJack Pizza

Don’t let BlackJack Pizza’s name fool you, this Dallas mainstay over on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard is a burger haven. Beyond its extensive pizza menu, it also boasts a variety of burgers that has Dallasites waxing poetic. Not to be confused with a restaurant chain of the same name, Terry Jones has been serving up pizza and burgers to the community for more than 30 years. As of right now, BlackJack’s is only open for takeout. 


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